Cornerstone Club

 Aeolian Hall Musical Arts Association Presents:

"The Cornerstone Club" is COMPLETE

The Board of Directors of the Aeolian Hall Musical Arts Association (AHMAA) recently assumed the mortgage of the Aeolian Performing Arts Centre.  As a result, this very unique and valuable heritage performance facility is now a fully publically-owned, non-profit registered charity.

To mark and celebrate this milestone in the distinguished history of the Aeolian Hall, the Board of AHMAA established “The Cornerstone Club”.  Membership to this exclusive group was extended to anyone who made a donation of $250 (or more) during the period of this fund-raising campaign.  Donors would later be recognized on a donor’s wall that is to be displayed in the Hall.

After reaching our goal of raising over $25,000, we are looking to fund two things in particular. First, to cover the (not insubstantial) cost of transferring the Hall to the charity – legal, accounting and land transfer costs, banking and insurance costs, and costs associated with the registration of the property under the new ownership. Second, to provide bridge funding to support our operations and programming for the short term, until the Board was able to put permanent funding in place through corporate sponsorships and government and private foundation grants.

There are huge challenges facing us, but the opportunities that this remarkable facility affords are equally huge.  There is much work to be done to maintain and restore the hall, and to enhance our already rich programming.  It’s a challenge that all of us associated with the Aeolian Performing Arts Centre welcome, and we thank you for your continual support.

Please contact 519-672-7950 or email boxoffice [at] aeolianhall [dot] ca , if you have any questions regarding past and or future projects, funding, or other ways to support the Aeolian Hall.

 The Aeolian recognizes the following individuals and organizations for their support of the Aeolian through the Cornerstone Club campaign.  This special campaign was designed to help ease the financial burden of the transition to Charitable Status and the purchase of the Aeolian facility.

George Sinclair

Gina Barber

Edwin Barber

Gordon & Colette Southam 

Lily McVety 

Bryan Gloyd

John and Joanne Thompson 


Daisy Fung 

John Bontje

John M Patterson 

John Ogletree 

Judy Ogletree 

Sherrill Clift 

Barbara Lent 

Bob Heacock & Vimla Harry 

London Playford Dancers 

Tom & Anne Siess

Sheila Davies & Family                        

Ian Davies & Kay McIntyre

Wanda Sawicki 

Jan & Maria Tuczynski

David & Sandra Leckie 

Dr. Gregory Millar

Shirley Scarrow in Memory of Hartley Scarrow 

Bill Clark & Lorie Forwell 

Randy & Yolanda Postma

Kevin Bice 

David Gillies 

Turner Drug Store LTD.

Stewart Malcolm

The Tiampo Family

Leslie & Ron Smith

The Janitis Family

Nancy Carere

 Clark Bryan

Bob, Sandra, Amelia, Jakob Neubauer

Gary and Heather Struckett

Diana Tamblyn

Frank and Mary Pyka

"With thanks to Clark Bryan"

Jason Gilliland 

Vassili & Hariklia Vamvalis 

Mary Jean Greenaway

Jo Greenaway 

Katherine Malcolm

Janet Devereux 

George Van Ostrand

Bryan Physical Therapy Professional Corporation

Douglas B. Woodall

Eric and Nancy Bryan 

In Loving Memory of Stanley & Mabel Bryan

Mary Marshman & Mike Finley

Karen A. Dalglish

In Loving memory of Robert T. McIntire, Kathleen McCoy & Family 

Jacek & Mariola Szulc

Sylvia Novak

George & Gillian Laidlaw

Annie & Carl Grindstaff 

Dr. Elaine Keillor

Maggie Harsanyi 

Magdolna Kalman

Michael Currin

Vivian McAlister 

Peter & Judy Castle

Wassail Choir of London

Meagher Family

Paul & Christine Siess

Margaret Glover


Dr. Miriam Mann

Kerry & Brenda Benson

CST Consultants Inc.

David Kopec & Marion Drysdale

Margaret Simpson

Sheffar Family

Don and Fran Menard

 Dr. Brian & Cathy Taylor

Dave Southen

Nick Southen

Tom Southen

Sue Carlyle

Jaime Christian

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