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If you would like to donate to the Aeolian Hall Musical Arts Association, please make all donations to:

The Aeolian Hall Musical Arts Association or “AHMAA”
795 Dundas St. E.
London, ON

A tax receipt can be provided for monetary donations or donations in kind which have an official appraisal.
Donations for services can not receive a tax receipt as per CRA regulations.

The Aeolian Hall Musical Arts Association was incorporated in 2001 and received status as a charity in February of 2003. It is currently operating the Aeolian Performing Arts Centre and its Objects are to sustain and grow its larger Vision and Mission. In order to continue this pathway, help is needed. All contributions whether small or large make a huge difference and will help sustain the Aeolian’s future. Donations can be accepted in the following categories:

  1. Production of art, drama, music, workshops, athletic activities, handicrafts, hobbies and recreation for the benefit of the general public.
  2. Support of any educational programs which benefit the general public. This includes the Aeolian School of Music in areas such as student scholarships/bursaries, instrument purchases, expansion of facilities or renovation of existing facilities. 
  3. Support of outreach programs which bring understanding and appreciation of the arts to senior citizens homes, churches, community centres and educational institutions.   This includes our El Sistema Aeolian program, a free, intensive afterschool music program for youth and children:
  4. Maintenance and repair of The Aeolian Performing Arts Centre facilities. 
  5. Equipment, tools, materials and other items which benefit the above listed objects. The amount of the charitable receipt will either be based upon fair market value or an appraised value (this applies particularly for items which would have higher than a $1000 value). 
  6. Capital funds to purchase or rent more facility to expand The Aeolian School of Music and Arts (the broader vision).
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