Singing Out. Changing Hearts.

Spreading happiness through song

Pride Men’s Chorus London is part of a movement of LGBTQ2 Choirs in the world.  In 1978 San Francisco’s Gay Men’s Chorus made an unexpected debut after the assassinations of Harvey Milk and George Moscone.  Pride Men’s Chorus London made its unexpected debut at the Vigil for The Orlando Massacre hosted at Aeolian Hall on June 14th 2016.  In the global arena of eroding human rights and particularly the rights of the LGBTQ2 community, we sing to enlighten and help those with closed minds and hearts open up to celebrate diversity and love.

Our Mission

Pride Men’s Chorus London creates experiences through choral music that promotes community, diversity, inclusivity and excellence. The chorus is open to all men regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. With the goal of combatting stereotypes and perceptions, we challenge the heteronormative worldview by inspiring our audience, the LGBTQ2 community and our broader community through advocacy and music. We celebrate victories won, we mourn lives lost, we find unconditional acceptance, and we celebrate all life in harmony, through our songs.

Our Vision

We will celebrate those who came before us and whose activism was hard fought. United through song, our voices will be freely heard as we fight for a nation and world where diversity is met with tolerance, equality and respect.

The Pride Men’s Chorus London envisions a world where the human voice is lifted up through song in celebration of diversity; where music is valued as a powerful gift and seen as a universal tool to achieve and sustain inclusivity; and where united voices are an instrument of change.

The Pride Men’s Chorus will seek to:

• Continuously improve the artistic and vocal talent of its members.
• Challenge the societal norms or perceptions of its members through understanding of its own diversity.
• Challenge perceptions of the LGBTQ2 community.
• Combat fear, eliminate hatred, and encourage compassion through the timeless fundamental human connection to music.
• Change or enrich the hearts of those whom we meet.

Need COntent

General Info

Pride Men’s Chorus London does not have an audition requirement. A private voice determination session will be arranged to determine voice range and background. The choir is open to men of all racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds, abilities, sexual orientations and gender identities. A Membership Fee of $100 is charged to cover music purchases and supplies. Membership fees are waived or deferred in cases of financial hardship.

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Pride Men’s Chorus London is a program operated by The Aeolian. There are a number of ways in which you can support the program. Although financial support is greatly needed, we are also looking for:

  • Volunteers including librarians, administrative support, event set-up and fundraising

There are three ways in which you can make a financial contribution to the Pride Men’s Chorus London:

1. Donate Online at

2. Send a cheque made out to: El Sistema Aeolian OR Aeolian Hall Musical Arts Association or AHMAA


Aeolian Hall
795 Dundas St. E.
London, Ontario
N5W 2Z6

3. Call or visit us in person and make a donation by Credit Card. We accept Visa or MasterCard credit cards.

Contact: 519-672-7950

The Aeolian is a registered Canadian Charity. A tax receipt can be provided for monetary donations or donations in kind which have an official appraisal.

Donations for services can not receive a tax receipt as per CRA regulations.


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I LOVE singing in this room! I hope we can do it again.
Matthew Barber

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