Gamelan Classes

Aeolian Community Gamelan Group

-currently Gamelan lessons are on hold

Try something new. Bring a sense of musical adventure and openness to learning great music from a distant island culture. As well as being visually stunning, the gamelan offers a unique chance to make music through regular classes with a group, regardless of previous musical experience or ability.

Participants will be playing on Gamelan Suprabaningrum (Perfumed Essence of Beauty Stateliness) brought over from Java, Indonesia. The instruments are hand-made and sit on ornately carved teak stands. The class will get a chance to play on hanging gongs, bronze metallophones, horizontally-mounted gongs, wooden xylophone and double-headed drums. 

Classes will run for 2 hours and are taught in traditional fashion, without notation. Participants will be playing music right away as the learning process in gamelan is embedded in the music-making. We will also be singing. This course is geared for beginners but all levels of experience are welcomed. Participants will be sitting on the carpeted floor to play the instruments. Make sure to bring extra mats and cushions if you need them. Wear loose fitting or yoga clothes.

Gamelan Instructor: Nur Intan Murtadza










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