The Rebelheart Collective

There's a movement afoot to change the face of classical music and bring it to everyone!


Imagine an orchestra without a conductor.
Imagine orchestra concerts that include free seats.
Imagine an orchestra with a core of Canada’s best musicians.
Imagine our El Sistema students playing with these artists.
Imagine an orchestra that is accessible to everyone.
Imagine an orchestra that provides equal opportunities to youth.
Imagine an orchestra that supports social justice.
Imagine the Orchestra of the future.


The Rebelheart Collective at the Aeolian offers our community a conductor-less orchestral ensemble focused on collaboration, community and apprenticeship opportunities. It is dedicated to transforming the concert experience. Its core of musicians are highly trained professionals who believe in giving back to community and helping train our next generation of musicians. Its co-operative model ensures that its members are involved in all elements of planning, teaching, marketing and administrative facets. It performs a combination of traditional classical music, popular contemporary works and newly composed music. 



The Rebelheart Collective at Aeolian Hall sees a future filled with vibrant innovative programming in unique community spaces. It will be a catalyst for supporting the ongoing development of music performance and education. It is an orchestra for all and will help provide universal access to high quality music presentation and education. 


Who are we?

The core group of the Rebelheart Collective consists of highly trained professional musicians. The group is flexible in size depending on the project. Other members include high level students and graduates who want to work on building careers as professional orchestral musicians and community activists. 


Where do we play? 

Our home base is Aeolian Hall and we do some concerts there, but we are committed to getting out into many spaces in our community such as schools, public spaces and businesses. We are focusing on smaller venues in London and the surrounding communities. 


What music will you play? 

We combine classical repertoire with new music, engaging with composers and collaborators from varied backgrounds. 


What about the community part? 

We collaborate with many music education programs in the City of London such as El Sistema Aeolian, The Forest City Strings, university ensembles and school programs. We will also support non-profit causes helping strengthen the social fabric of our city. 


Why conductor-less? 

We want to encourage a more collaborative approach to playing and interpreting music. We want a model for community and not a "one man show". We believe our members should have more say in our programming. 


How many people in your core group? 

We will start with approximately 4 core members. This allows us to perform a lot of great pieces of music and flexibility to add more musicians for larger needs. The balance of the orchestra will include young students at academic institutions and other potential apprentices. 


How will you be funded? 

Being a smaller ensemble and conductor-less allows us to be fiscally conservative. 

We will look at a "for profit" lens of bottom-line splits but also fundraise for sustainaility. Being under the umbrella of The Aeolian gives us great fundraising potential because of the charitable status of the organization. Paid teaching and coaching opportunities will also help provide diversity for revenue streams. 


How much money will you need to operate on an annual basis? 

We want our ticket prices to be very affordable. We are starting out with 4 programmed concerts per season which can be repeated in different spaces. As Box Office sales usually only fund about 50% of operations for orchestras, we will need to raise approximately $50,000 per year to cover additional expenses of musician remuneration, administration, venue and marketing costs. 


Why at The Aeolian? 

The Aeolian has a mandate to support orchestral and chamber music starting with at the foundation of its free afterschool music program, El Sistema. This intensive orchestral program provides enriched musical opportunities to children and youth wo don't normally have access to them. The Aeolian presents music concerts of all different genres and styles from Chick Corea to Tafelmusik. The Aeolian is committed to providing universal  access to Music,  Art and Culture. 

On a practical side, the Aeolian has full administrative abilities for producing music concerts. It has full box-office facilities. It has a heavy focus on social inclusiveness. Its mission and vision reflect the values of The Rebelheart Collective. 



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