Seating Chart

All concert at The Aeolian are general admission (first come first serve), unless otherwise specified. 

Seating Chart

 stage drawing

Stage Features:

  • Raised from the auditorium floor opprox. 4 feet
  • The stage is sloped toward the audience behind the proscenium only 
  • For an updated list of technical items available for production, please click here

Hall Features:

  • Proscenium arch on stage with wings
  • Steinway “M” piano (1938) reconditioned
  • Yamaha C7 Concert Grand (2007) 
  • Backstage entrance staircases at stage right and stage left 
  • Green Room below the stage which is accessible from Main Hall and Stage Door Entrance: includes two washrooms, two change rooms, one shower, refrigerator, microwave, kitchen counter with three sinks, chairs, and an eating table
  • Main Floor is flat and has chairs which can be re-configured for various events
  • Lobby area with washrooms
  • Lobby has a kitchen with sinks, fridge and microwave
  • Elevator access from Dundas Street
  • Wheelchair accessible to hall main floor and balcony
  • 27: 8' x 2.5' tables available
  • 23: 2.5' x 2.5' tables available

For information on The Aeolian Accessibility Standards for Customer Service please click here.

Fully Licensed Bar Services

Maximum Capacity

Main Floor (non-fixed seats)             # of People
Full Concert Seating241
Tables / no dance floor160
Tables / dance floor120
Standing Reception 272


Balcony (fixed seating)# of People      
Theatre seats 59
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