In 2017, the Aeolian Hall Musical Arts Association worked with our staff, volunteers, donors, musicians and friends to tell our extraordinary story.

Our history is long. Our impact is immeasurable.

For 135 years we have stood as a beacon of renewal, of hope, and of community in London’s Old East Village. We are proud to share our story: because it has only just begun.

At Aeolian Hall, we celebrate the generosity of our donors and volunteers.

We thrive because of the thoughtful contributions of many. We are humbled by your kindness and pleased that you share our mission.

We treat every gift as special, no matter the size. A small gift for today, a larger gift for the year, or a long term pledge to ensure a sustained legacy all play a role in in building a better community.

Vital programs like El Sistema Aeolian – our free after-school music program for children and youth who do have access to affordable music education – are shaping the lives of our next generation of leaders and philanthropists: our participants care about the community, the environment, and the world they live in: just like you.

There are so many ways to support us.


If you are looking to support an organization that cultivates the arts, promotes community, has unique arts education programs, believes in diversity and supports programs for children and youth, do we have an opportunity for you!

The Aeolian is an Ontario Government Registered Non-Profit and has Canadian registered Charity status. You can see our annual reporting on the CRA website HERE.

Your donation can support:

  • Our free, intensive after school music program El Sistema Aeolian for children and youth
  • Our Aeolian Productions including music of all genres, visual art, dance, film and theatre
  • Pride Men’s Chorus London, a choir open to men of all background and identities
  • Rebelheart Collective, a new chamber orchestra with a focus on social justice and accessibility
  • Other programs such as Ignite London and 88 Keys to Inspiration
  • Our preservation of two designated Heritage Buildings:  Aeolian Hall and Bishop Cronyn Memorial Place

how to Donate


Write a cheque made out to Aeolian Hall Musical Arts Association

Aeolian Hall – 795 Dundas Street – London, Ontario – N5W 2Z6


By Credit (over the phone), debit, cash and credit at Box Office during office hours.


The Aeolian welcomes all levels of support, but if you feel that you can give in larger ways, consider us when preparing your Estate Will or any other type of gift giving instrument.  We can assure you that your gift will positively impact greatly on the quality and number of services we provide to the London and region Communities.

Your contribution will leave a memory, enrich people’s lives and support the growth and development of our Mission and Vision.


A tax receipt can be provided for monetary donations or donations in kind which have an official appraisal.  Donations for services cannot receive a tax receipt as per CRA regulations.

how to Donate

donate online

Legacy Donor Campaign

Spreading Music, Changing Lives

 What would your life be like without music?

Music has the power to inspire, enlighten and transform.  It is a Universal Language that breaks down barriers and speaks to our collective humanity.

The Aeolian believes that everyone should have access to music and the arts.

Help us present excellence in performance and continue to offer and create revolutionary arts programs that build better communities.


  • Help sustain and grow The Aeolian’s programs including Concerts, El Sistema Aeolian, Pride Men’s Chorus, Aeolian Talks and our Art Shows
  • Help preserve and restore our two designated Heritage Sites: Aeolian Hall and the former Bishop Cronyn Memorial Church
  • Promote diversity in our programing and foster Social Inclusion and Social Justice in our communities
  • To offer Universal Access to Music, Art, Culture and Education through our free opportunities such as El Sistema Aeolian and Aeolian Talks
  • Maintain our presence locally, nationally and internationally as a top venue in Canada
  • To offer opportunities to our local musicians to perform in a world-class “Legendary” venue
  • To help us purchase new equipment needed for our performance and teaching spaces


  • Two Designated Historical Sites: Aeolian Hall (1884) and Bishop Cronyn Memorial Place (1875)
  • Run by a Canadian Non-Profit Organization with Charitable Status: The Aeolian Hall Musical Arts Association
  • Board Members are highly experienced
  • Voted as Best Live Venue by the Forest City London Music Awards four times
  • Voted by CBC Radio 3 Searchlight Contest as one of the top venues in Canada
  • Small paid staff and large volunteer support
  • Executive/Artistic Director is member of Western University’s Don Wright Faculty of Music Wall of Fame


  • Present Concerts and events with very diverse offerings
  • Offer our facility for rent including special affordable rates for Non-Profit Organizations
  • Supporters include Government, Foundations, Corporate and Individuals
  • Create programming that supports disadvantaged populations
  • Work with Community Partners to help strengthen and grow opportunities in our community
  • Work with newcomers to help give opportunities in our programs and help them find a home in our community



“Besides the reserves, Aeolian is my most favourite venue in the world” 
– Buffy Saint Marie


“Aeolian Hall is a cozy theatre which hosts an abundance of local, national and international artists on their world-class stage…From the hall’s historic décor, artsy volunteers, hard-working staff, local brew, amazing entertainment, and heart-filling acoustics,  the word about Aeolian Hall is being spread far and wide and people are catching on to the gift that London Ontario natives are calling “The place to be for a great night out”. As a business-person, I am impressed by the organizational skills of the staff behind the scenes who work diligently to make sure each show goes without a hitch. Aeolian Hall is a magical place, built on love.  And all who enter its doors will be touched by this magic. It truly is the place to be!”
– Sarah Smith


“I love volunteering at the Hall for a number of reasons. There is an obvious giving back to the community but there is also the Aeolian community itself. The staff and volunteers are a great group of people from diverse backgrounds. We all start here for the love of music and stay for the community we are building.”

– Cindy Thomas


“Pride Men’s Chorus London has challenged me musically, and rewarded me personally. The repertoire is often fun, sometimes thought-provoking, but when all those voices come together in concert, there is something truly beautiful and inspiring that happens, and it is a huge privilege to be a part of that beauty.”
– Murray Watson, Pride Men’s Chorus London


“I cannot express the impact that El Sistema has had on our family. Ella has blossomed as a confident eight-year-old and is identifying herself as a violin player. She often takes the opportunity to practice and teach her siblings the violin and has expressed her love for music […] Since starting in October of 2013, Ella has been invited to play her violin for various house guests and has been asked to play at several community events. This has enabled her to gain more confidence in her playing abilities and has also allowed her to connect with her emerging talent. El Sistema has truly opened many doors for my daughter, and through her, it is affecting the entire family in a positive way. I cannot express my sincere gratitude for this wonderful program. Many thanks for giving her this life-changing opportunity!” 
– Martha M., Parent of El Sistema Aeolian Student



el sistema gift of music campaign

Gift of Music, Gift of Community

Did you ever have “lessons” when you were young?  Whether they were swimming, hockey, music, art, dance or other lessons, think of your life without those experiences.  How would that change you?

Now imagine a program that offers to give high quality and intensive music education to youth in our city.

Your donation supports more than 115 Children between the ages of 6 and 18 to play in orchestras, sing in choirs and enjoy a healthy dinner and snack.  All of these experiences are 100% free, helping fill the gap between those receiving an enriched music education and those who don’t.

Many great musicians are acting as advocates for our program and have collaborated with the participants.    Marc Jordan, Royal Wood, Valdi, Yuri Pool and Matt Alber have all put their names behind this incredible opportunity as Honorary Patrons.


  • Inspire youth with the gift of music
  • Fill the gap between those receiving enriched music education and those who don’t
  • Eliminate many barriers to participation including economic, social and academic
  • Cultivate Leadership and Peer Mentorship as transferable skills
  • Help participants and their families to have a sense of belonging in our community
  • Improve abilities such as memory, tactile skills, spatial reasoning and literary skills


  • A free, intensive music program open to all without audition or experience
  • Part of a Global movement of programs in 86 countries, winning TED, UNESCO and the Glen Gould Awards
  • Over 115 participants perform in orchestras, sing in choirs, eat nutritious meals and perform many concerts each year
  • Unique Leadership and Peer Mentorship program taught in collaboration with Western University’s Don Wright Faculty of Music


  • Minimum 3 days of training for 2.5 hours per day
  • Highly qualified music teachers many with Master’s Degrees or higher level training
  • Our home: The Aeolian Education Campus at Bishop Cronyn Memorial Place in the heart of London includes 14,000 square feet of classrooms, studios, kitchen and performance spaces
  • 15 to 20 performances per year
  • Over 50 volunteers support the classrooms, teaching and meals



“El Sistema Aeolian has made a big impact on my life specially when I was going through a hard time in my life. Going to El Sistema has helped me to escape all my worries and struggles. Thanks to the people that I met in the program who are so supportive, I became a more positive person who learn to love the music. I can feel the rhythm of each piece we play and in that moment I feel that we are just one trying to express the way that I see the world now. My mom loves the sound of my voice and she says that I have improved a lot since I am in the choir. Thanks so much to El Sistema Aeolian and all the people that are in the program they are like my family I feel at home when I am there.
– Laura C.


“This is my son’s fourth year at El Sistema Aeolian. He’s gained a real sense of musical technique and confidence, which is wonderful to witness. El Sistema is also a place of community where he enjoys spending time with friends and skilled teachers. This sense of belonging and responsibility to others has been an invaluable and enriching experience for our son and our family as a whole.”
– Ann T.

 Honorary Patron

 “Nothing develops a young mind more successfully, nor sets them on the right path quicker than the arts and the proper after school program to go with it. El Sistema Aeolian levels the playing field and allows more than just the privileged children an opportunity to expand their mind and abilities. El Sistema gives children the tools to change the world for the better.”

– Royal Wood

El sistema patron program

Give the “Gift of Music” and make an investment in the lives of youth in our community.  Help support the opportunity to experience and learn music while cultivating teamwork, mutual respect, compassion and leadership.  Your ongoing commitment to El Sistema Aeolian provides the needed stability to operate, develop and expand this program to youth in our London Community.

The patron program is for donors who wish to make a longer term impact. Your pledge renews annually for three years and may be renewed.



“This program has had a huge impact on our family. Being a single mother has its challenges, and one of those challenges is engaging my children into life-long skills training at a reasonable price.  El Sistema Aeolian has made it possible for my kids to be a member of a skilled music program and confidently be a contributing force to the larger community that listens to their wonderful music, all provided for free. I am thrilled with the way my kids have grown as musicians, socially, and overall as contributing members of a community.”

– M. Macause


“My son has been in the El Sistema Aeolian program for over three years so far.   I have seen since the day he started huge progress in my son life ever since.   El Sistema is one of those programs that not only brings music to a kid`s life, it is also an integral program where all their capacities are tested to the level of excellence.   I can say that today my son has gained skills and knowledge not only in music, it is also social demureness, leadership, public speech, matures, stronger character making decision, independence and more. This program is well based in terms of the orientation to grow potential leaders in the music field that will bring value to the society in the near future.   The art of music through the El Sistema goes beyond any possible expectation.   I encourage everyone to participate actively promoting the social benefit of El Sistema Aeolian as organization.  I am so blessed of this wonderful opportunity.   My big thanks to all the El Sistema directors, coordinator, volunteers and everyone involved, working hard changing life for a better future.    Thank you El Sistema Aeolian!”
– Manuel Romero


“We rely on and deeply appreciate the healthy meals that’s are created by the volunteers in the El Sistema program. It allows us to transition our daughter from the end of busy school day to the beginning of her El Sistema programming. Knowing that she has had a chance to decompress, eat a healthy meal and socialize with peers is important to fuel her body and mind. This is also time well spent on further developing new and existing relationships with peers.” 
– Bob & Penney Aggelonitis


“Every time I see the El Sistema participants perform and see the growth in their music and confidence in themselves always gives me a special thrill having been involved with getting to know some of the participants over the years.”

– Janice Mark





el sistema gift catalogue



Please contact us by phone at 519-672-7950, by email at or donate online at Donate Online at: by selecting “El Sistema Gift Catalogue” from the list of funds and indicate what instruments would would like to purchase with your donation.

el sistema patrons


platinum patrons

Mr. Chris Collins  & Ms. Elana Johnson (2018-20)

Mr. Paul Strickland & Ms. Janice Strickland (2018-20)

Paul Cooper (2019-21)

gold patrons

Mr. Peter Dillon & Ms. Jennifer Hunter-Dillon (2018-20)

John & Margaret Nicholson (2018-2020)

Lorne & Marilyn Parnes (2018-2020)

Nicholas J. Koppert (2018-20)

Ailene Wittstein (2019-22)

E.F.T.O. Thames Valley Occasional Teachers Local (2019-22)

Clark Bryan (2019-2021)

silver patrons

Elizabeth Parmeter & Bill Horne (2018-20)

Gordon & Louise Thompson (2018-20)

Kelley McKeating & Bruce Jones (2018-20)

Larry & Susan Agranove Family Fund at London Community Foundation (2018-20)

bronze patrons

Mr. Ernest Redekop (2018-20)

Frank & Mary Pyka (2018-20)

Dr. Barbara Lent & Robert Solomon (2018-20)

Dr. Betty Anne Younker (2018-20)

Wes & Ashley Irvine (2019-21)

Honorary Patrons

Mr. Matt Alber (2017)

Mr. Royal Wood (2017)

Mr. Marc Jordan (2018)

Valdy (2019)

Yuri Poole (2019)

Sarah Smith (2020)


gift of music campaign donors




Chinese Canadian National Council, London Chapter

Janet Devereux

Sheffar Potter Muchan Inc.

TD Bank Group



$1000 to $4999

Aldo Espinosa

Adam Funnell

Bill Horne

David Southen

Deana Scott

Jason Grouette

John A. Brophy

Ruth Noble

Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry Student Council

Sharon Rochard

The Jack & Barbara Hay Foundation


$500 to $999

Alan Thompson

Callon Dietz

David Ure & Rob  Wakeling

Friends of the London Civic Garden Complex

Jane Baldwin (a gift from Barrow Baldwin)

Justin H. Amann

Kre’Adive House

Linda Nicholls

London Community Foundation

Nick Whitehead

Perry Jeffery

Samuel Hornby

Terence Kernaghan

United Church Women, Riverside United Church

Walter Lenny

Wanda Sawicki


$250 to $499

Bob Heacock & Vimla Harry

Christine McAlister

Clark Bryan

Emma Donoghue

Janice Elloway

John P. Wiebe

London Concert Band

Madeline Macaulay

Making A Difference: The C. & J. Wright Family Fund at the London Community Foundation

Ray Williams & Joy Lang

Rob & Denise Flack

Robert Kelland

Rotary Club of London Hyde Park

Sue Soney

Suzanne Edmondson

Vicki Olds

William Girt


$100 to $249

Andrew Lester

Anna Woodson

Betty Anne Younker

Beverley Barrett

Bonita Magill

David Gillies

David Southen (a gift from Paul & Bev Mills)

David Wannan

Dawn Bryce

Dorothy & Murray McRae (a gift from Marjorie Johnson)

Elizabeth Parmeter (a gift from William Horne)

Elizabeth Van Dongen

Garth Brophy & Michelle Ferguson

Genet Hodder

George Wynn Downing

Hervé H. Poirier

J Noreen De Shane

James Nagy

Jeffrey Stokes

Jim Cressman

Kate Delaney

Margaret Fox

Marilyn Loosemore

Marion Gamble

Matthew Wannan

Michelle Ferguson

Nick Whitehead

Paul Cooper & David Hiebert (a gift from Paul Brady)

Peter Merrifield

Petra & Murray Morgan

Phyllis Retty

Renny Thomson

Roely Vanderboor

Rotary Club of East London

Ruth Bramham

Shannon Chattington

Shelly Siskind

Shelly Siskind (a gift from Kacey Siskind) Ltd

Stephen King

Susan Size

Susan Waugh

Suzanne Edmundson

Teresa Ainsworth

Trixie Usselman

Vassili & Hariklia Vamvalis


$50 to $99

Aija Downing

Aija Dreimanis

Allyson Burdett

Andreina Bueno, a gift from Jennifer Allen

Andrew Karram

Andrew Marshall

Barbara Lent

Barbara Smibert

Barrow Baldwin

Bente Rowe

Brent Fraser

Cecilia O’Malley (a gift from Jordanade Bruyn)

Cheryl Thomas

Christina O’Callaghan

Christopher Douglas

Colleen Bianchi

Diane Knoppert

Donald Heaton Lee

Earleen Moulton

Elizabeth Ruby

Gail Cook, a gift

Gary Rains

Geoff Cannon

Hugh Fraser

Ivan Iglesias

Janet McAllister

Janice Strickland (Janice Strickland Holdings Inc.)

Jeanette Botz

Joann Lovell-Kristoferson

Joanne Jones

Joel & Michelle Goldberg

John Murch

Karen Koch

Karen Lilley

Ken Walsh

Kevin & Daphne Bice. a gift from Joe Samorodin

Kirk Wallis

Laurence Lynch & Lynn Okanski

Linda Grunewald

Liz Harrison

Louise Milligan

Mark Miller

Marlene Benny

Maria Mader

Melissa Page Nichols

Michael Leisinger

Michelle Plouffe

Miranda Emmerson

Nancy Gillespie

Noreen Davis

Pamela Samuels

Pat Matthews

Ray Hildebrand

Richard Lyke

Richard Yake

Ron & Yvonne Schroder

Sharon McMillan

Sheila Johnson

Sue Camara

Susan Godin

Wendy Yuanyuan Pang

Yvonne Henry


$25 to $49

Alex Ward

Angie Difruscia

Anthony McAulay

Arnie Bronson

Beth Whitlock

Bernice O’Keefe

Bernie Beaudin

Beverley Yates

Bob Hamade

Bob Salvarakis

Bonnie Gallant

Carol Anne Van Boxtel

Catherine Wilkins

Claude Robinson

Carol Hunsberger

Cindy & Andrew House

Daniel Rahrer

Darlene Wheatley

Dave Kirk

Debbie Neufert

Deborah A. Carter

Diana Wright

Donald Kilpatrick

Donna Finlay

E. Marie Keasey

Eaman Fahmy

Elizabeth Reilly

Francine Visser

Garry Dodman

George Spanos

Harold Saunders

Irene Breichmanas

Jamiel Perry

Jane Deblock

Janie Rother

Jason & Jayn Reed

Joanne Kimmerly

John Harrower

John Hazell

Jonathan Horne

Joseph Driskil

Kathleen McLeod

Kathryn Eddington

Kelli Matous

Ken Brooks

Kerry Long

Kristen Diotte

Laura Girt

Laurie Detenbeck

Leslie Rockwell

Linda Kearney

Linda Defoe Kemp

Lindsey Burns

Margot Stothers

Maria Hardcastle

Mark Brotherson

Michael Peck

Mike Lukas

Moira Bure

Mona Russell

Nancy Redner

Norma Poel

Peter Wright

Pirkko Sheldrick

Renée La Maire

Richard Doyle

Richard Mommersteeg

Sandy Jones

Sarah Poole

Shannon Kuiack

Stuart & Jennifer Hale

Sue Camara

Susan Kyle

Tammy Tengelis

Vicki L. Gerth

Victor Raminhos

Wendy Saby

Wilfred Darbishire

William Newby

Yanfei Sophia Wu

legacy campaign donors




Bryan Gloyd


$1000 to $4999

Aldo Espinosa

Canada Life

Clark Bryan

D&S Pianos

Eric & Nancy Bryan

Finch Mercedes Benz

PC Strickland Law Professional Corporation

Maxime Crawford-Holland, a gift from David Crawford & Julia Holland

M. Curt Lind

Nancy Carere

Robert Heacock & Vimla Harry

Sandra Caplan

Shelly Siskind


$500 to $999

Alex & Hunter Stuart

Brenda Wylie

Dave Southen

Gordon & Maria Hardcastle

Paul Cooper


$250 to $499

Jacob & Becky Malkin

John Wiebe

Kathleen McCoy

Matt Gloyd

Mike & Kathy Rosser

Phyllis Retty

Richard J. Martin

Rod Culham

Vicki Olds


$100 to $249

Andrew Marshall

Arlene Gladstone

Bente Rowe

Bill Horne

Carol Cleland

Daisy Fung

David & Dorothy McPherson

David Gillies

David Wasse. a gift from Bronwyn Powell

Douglas & Cheryl Lester

George Spanos

Gord & Vickie Drimmie

Hendrika Rikie Schieven

Hugh John Cook

Mary E. Clement, a gift from James Clement

Janice Mark

Jim Cressman

John Lowrey

Karen Lilley

Kate Keating

Kathy & Bob McLean

Lorraine Jorden

Martin Hobbs

Mary Arrand

Miriam Mann

Murray Watson

Nancy Bryan

Peter Merrifield

Ray Lloyd

Renny Thompson

Rhonda Hallberg

Robert McCullough

Ruth Noble

Shannon Chattington

Stephen Elson

Sue Soney

Susan Grieve

Terence Kernaghan

Teresa Ainsworth

Thea Leduc

Trevor Gow


$50 to $99

Aaron Garber

Andrew Marshall

Ann Quan

Anne Siess

Barbara Smibert

Bruce Hoadley

Cindy Thomas

Dana Copeland

Daphne Bice

Eric Birnberg

Gary Cousins

Gayle Blenkhorn

Howard William Sheldon

James Morrison

Janet Millar

Janet Wombwell

Jen McRae

John & Bonnie Holt

Judith Kutt

Karen Koch

Katrina A. Moser

Kenn & Peggy Anne Endean

Kyle Goettl

Luke Baylis

Michael Leisinger

Mike Finley

Nancy Helm

Omer Vandevyvere

Reg Quinton

Phyllis Brady

Pierre Bussieres

Stacie McDowell

Tracy Taylor

Tom Siess (a gift from Anne Siess)

William Girt


$25 to 29

Andrea Regnerus

Annele Robertson

April Hall

Barbara Gloyd

Barry & LIsa Phillips

Bernice O’Keefe

Beverley Yates

Bob Salvarakis

Collier Family

Corinne Symons

Diana Wright

Don Dubreuil

Earleen Moulton

Elizabeth Ailes

E. Marie Keasey

Hans-J. Rosch

Ian& Valerie Nielsen

Joan M. McVicar-Duncan

John Thompson

Josie Hettinga

Kathleen Nichols

Kathryn Lisson

Kate Ahrens

Kaylin Pridding

Leonard Poetschke

Leslee Lefteruk

Lesley Field

Leslie Holmes

Leslie Rockwell

Leslie & Ron Smith

Lynda Burns

Margaret McGregor

Maria Mader

Maria Tsaoussis

Mary Hajpel

Moira Bure

Nancy Almond

Phil & Shari Bryan

Ric Jordan

Richard Lyke

Russell Braley

Sandy Jones

Sandy McManus

Sue Brown

Susan King

Timothy Doherty

Tobi Kral

Vicki L. Gerth

Wendy Saby


In Memoriam – Donna Dickson-Daly

Douglass Andress

Margaret Wright

in memoriam – nick elson

Stephen Elson

In Memoriam – Nick milner

Altaire Fund of the Toronto Foundation

In Memoriam – Braden DeCooman

Ali Lusk

Alice Jacques

Arlene Bailey

Barry & Karen Scott

Bob & Leslie McKinnon

Brent & Julie Penny

Cindy Neale

Cody Neville

Connecting South West Ontario Delivery Partner

Dan Herreman

Darrel & Rosilyn Force

Dave Charters

David Donovan

Deb Liddle

Don McKay

Dottie Smith

Dwayne Devos

Eileen Arthur

Ena Avey

Faye Burrigan

Gail Underhill

Gary & Lois Grant

Gayle Sprague

George Dewaele

Gerald & Arlene Patenaude

Heather Rennalls

Helen Dougherty

Jacqueline Robinson

Jane Van Dyk

Jared Cayley

Joanne Cattrysse

John & Lori Rettie

John & Pat Pike

John & Sandra Rutherford

Karen & Jamie Patenaude

Kelly Murphy

Kevin Warboys

Kirk DeCooman

Krauss Family

Lance Body

Luanne Wagner

Lynne & Randy DePlancke

Madison Gilbert

Mallory Rosato

Mark & Carolyn Rutherford

Mark Courtnage

Mark Davis

Medard Herreman

Mike & Cathy Smith

Nancy King

Patricia Lammens

Patrick Austin

Paul & Jeannine Krupiza

Phil & Korinne Thompson

Randy Dunn

Raymond Lammens

Reid & Michelle McCall

Richard DeCooman

Rick & Linda Whitehead

Rick Buck

Rick Haggith

Rossiline Lammens

Shirley Miller

Suzanne & Jeff Vankerrebroeck

Tammy Brydon

Ted & Ruth Storey

Terry Nicoll

Thomas Kirktown

Trixie Usselman

Trudy Drake

W. Sennema

Walter Englehart

Wayne Herreman

Pride Men’s Chorus London FUnd

Aldo Espinosa

Anne Buckrell

Don DuBreuil

Douglas Lester

Gordon Hardcastle

Ray Crosby & Gary Cousins in Memory of Darien Hettinga

Richard J Martin

Rod Culham

Thea Leduc

Vicki Olds

Choral riser fund

Douglas & Cheryl Lester

Murray Watson

Stacie McDowell

Gifts In kind

Wei Hong Liu

D & S Pianos

Robert Koprich

Roger and Pat Lewington

Janet Devereux

Jillian Trybel

save our stage fund

Aaron Garber

Andrew Marshall

Andrew Rosser

Anne Marie Madziak

Anne Siess

Annele Robertson

April Hall

Beth Whitlock

Bryan Gloyd

Callon Dietz

Carol Cleland

Charles Vincent

Claire Kelledjian

Collier Family

Daniel Blaxall

Daniel Cameron

Darlene Williams

David Baker

Don Rea

Doug McCarvell

Eleanor Rath

Elizabeth Minarik

Felipe Rodrigues

Gary Collins

Gord Moon

Greg Kaisal

Hans-J. Rosch

Harla O’Neill

Helen Riordon

Henny Veerkamp

Hugh John Cook

John Lowrey

Jonathan Bridger

Julia Webb

Karen Koch

Karen Lilley

Kathleen Nichols

Katrina A. Moser

Ken Ledford

Kevin Sorah

Kyle Goettl

Loenard Poetschke

Leslee Lefteruk

Lesley Field

Leslie Holmes

Lynda Burns

Margeret I Boos

Maria Tsaoussis

Mark Donais

Mary Haypel

Melanie Hawdon

Michael Leisinger

Michael Peck

Mike & Kathy Rosser

Mike Couture

Moira Bure

John & Bonnie Holt

Nancy Carere

Normal Poel

Pamela Samuels

Paul Cooper

Randal Sheppard

Renny Thompson

Robert Heacock & Vimla Harry

Rod Culham

Ruth Noble

Sonya Stoos

Stephen Vanbreda

Sue Soney

Sue Grieve

Susan King

Tom and Linda Latcham

Tracy Taylor

Tyrrel De Langley

Vicki L. Gerth

Vineet Nair

Wendy Saby

William Horne


Rent The Aeolian

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While particularly renowned for its acoustic/live music presentations, the Aeolian is a versatile facility and can host all sorts of events from weddings and parties to conferences and fundraisers.

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