The Aeolian Hall Musical Arts Association was incorporated in 2001 and received status as a charity in February of 2003.  It is currently operating the Aeolian Performing Arts Centre and its objectives are to sustain and grow its larger Vision and Mission.  In order to continue this pathway, help is needed.  All contributions whether small or large make a huge difference and will help sustain the Aeolian’s future.  Donations can be accepted in the following categories:

  • Production of art, drama, music, workshops, athletic activities, handicrafts, hobbies, and recreation for the benefit of the general public.
  • Support of any educational programs which benefit the general public.
  • Support of outreach programs.
  • Maintenance and repair of our facilities.
  • Equipment, tools, materials, and other items which benefit the above listed objects.
  • Capital funds to purchase or rent more facility.

There are so many ways to support us.


Donate Online at:

Write a Cheque

Send a cheque made out to: AHMAA

Call or Visit Us

Make a donation by debit or Credit Card.

A tax receipt can be provided for monetary donations or donations in kind which have an official appraisal.  Donations for services cannot receive a tax receipt as per CRA regulations.

Why Donate

If you are looking to support an organization that cultivates the arts, promotes community, has unique arts education programs, believes in diversity and supports programs for children and youth, do we have an opportunity for you!

The Aeolian is an Ontario Government Registered Non-Profit and has Canadian registered Charity status.

Your donation can support:

  • Our free, intensive afterschool music program El Sistema Aeolian for children and youth
  • Our Aeolian Productions including music of all genres, visual art, dance, film and theatre
  • Pride Men’s Chorus London, a choir open to men of all background and idenitites
  • Rebelheart Collective, a new chamber orchestra with a focus on social justice and accessibility
  • Other programs such as Ignite London and 88 Keys to Inspiration
  • Our preservation of two designated Heritage Buildings:  Aeolian Hall and Bishop Cronyn Memorial Place


Planned Giving

The Aeolian welcomes all levels of support, but if you feel that you can give in larger ways, consider us when preparing your Estate Will or any other type of gift giving instrument.  We can assure you that your gift will positively impact greatly on the quality and number of services we provide to the London and region Communities.

Your contribution will leave a memory, enrich people’s lives and support the growth and development of our Mission and Vision.

The Aeolian Hall Musical Arts Association
Charitable Number:  866178916RR0001

Rent The Aeolian

The Aeolian is a beautiful, unique, award-winning location to host your event.

While particularly renowned for its acoustic/live music presentations, the Aeolian is a versatile facility and can host all sorts of events from weddings and parties to conferences and fundraisers.

Give to Culture

Explore the arts. Support your community. Discover yourself.

The Aeolian relies heavily upon a strong base of community support that benefits many projects and events. All contributions, whether small or large, make a huge difference and will help sustain The Aeolian Musical Arts Association’s mission and future.