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Made by London based “Me and C.” this classic Aeolian tee is produced of 70% bamboo and 25% cotton. Ethically sourced materials and eco-friendly inks make this tee a must have for any fan of the Aeolian Hall.

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How High The Moon

All proceeds from the album directly benefit the El Sistema Aeolian Youth Program of London, Ontario. El Sistema provides a free, intensive music program to over 100 students each year. Participants play in an orchestra, sing in a choir and learn valuable social skills.

When producer, Clark Bryan purchased Aeolian Hall in 2004, he had a dream to bring music into the lives of young people by inviting them to work with world-class performers who understand the power of mentoring & community. Clark is proud to call renowned vocalist Matt Alber a member of the family of artists dedicated to collaborating with these bright young stars.

How High The Moon is a new tribute album specially produced to support El Sistema Aeolian. It pays homage to two American jazz legends, Mel Tormé and Russell Garcia and features The Prime Time Big Band. Each moment you hear was recorded live on stage as a full ensemble at The Aeolian.

The Players:
Vocalist: Matt Alber
Band leader, alto saxophone, flute: George Laidlaw
Guest conductor, trumpet & flugel horn: Ron Gilbert
Trombones: John Thompson, David Phillips, Andrew Wenn, Bruce Hoadley
Trumpet (track 13): John Hung
Drums: David Laidlaw
Piano & Keyboards: Bryan Gloyd
Guitar: Peter Karle
String Bass: John Griffiths
Lead Violin: Huachu Huang
Violin 2: Kelly Larochette
Viola: Behn Strople
Celle: Adrian Wright

The Songs:
Don't Let That Moon Get Away by Johnny Burke & James V Monaco
Moonlight Cocktail by Kim Gannon & Lucky Roberts
The Moon Was Yellow by Fred E. Ahlert & Edgar Leslie
Moon Song by Sam Coslow & Arthur Johnson
How High The Moon by Nancy Hamilton & Morgan Lewis
Oh You Crazy Moon by Johnny Burke & Jimmy Von Huesen
Blue Moon by Lorenz Hart & Rochard Rogers
A Velvet Affair by Mel Tormé
I Wished On The Moon by Dorthy Parker & Ralph Rainger
No Moon At All by Red Evans & Dave Mann
Moonlight in Vermont by John Blackburn & Karl Suessdorf
Swingin' On the Moon by Hoagy Carmichael & Joe Young
Believe Me by Matt Alber
released April 1, 2018

Mr. Alber wishes to thank: Clark Bryan & Bryan Gloyd for their continued friendship & passion; The Prime Time Big Band and extra special guests for welcoming me into the fold & playing your hearts out; Simon Larochette & Christoph Babin for your general wizardry, prowess & care; And most importantly, the beautiful young stars of El Sistema Aeolian for being my friends & for shining so bring - the world needs you more than ever, my little Monarchs.


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