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Please contact us to help plan your individual event. The flexibility of The Aeolian Hall, and our team of volunteers, will help you to make your event unique.

The Aeolian

Event Planning FAQs

Website:  Our website gets thousands of hits each month and is continually growing in popularity.  The website includes an event page with ticket information and artist web links. 

Online Ticket Sales:  Online ticket sales reach regional audiences through Links to this service are provided by our website, email newsletter and print materials. Service charges apply for this service.

Printing Services:  We provide poster and ticket printing and distribution services at an additional charge. 

Box Office: The Aeolian provides full Box Office services from 10 am till 6 pm Monday to Friday and one hour before showtime. Visa, Mastercard, Debit and cash sales are offered as well as online sales as above. Service charges apply.

Ticket outlets:  We suggest placing tickets at Grooves and The Village Idiot. You may also be able to distribute tickets for sale at Chapters North, Chapters South, Long & Mcquade, and Belle Air Music. 

Free Listings: The Aeolian may include your event in all free listings we submit, both print and online. This includes London Free Press, The Beat Magazine, Scene, and The London Arts Council website.

Marquee:  We may include posters and information about your event throughout our facility; interior and exterior.

Aeolian Hall is located on the second and third floor of the Aeolian Hall Performing Arts Complex.

Questions for you and your event

  1. What type of event is this (concert, meeting, party, reception etc)?
  2. What are the precise or estimated times for your event?  Please include load in and load out times.
  3. What is the expected attendance? 
  4. How many performers are in your group?
  5. How many event personnel are you planning to have? We recommend a minimum of 5.
  6. Will you need the Green Room?
  7. Will you need a P.A. (Sound System)?
  8. What are your lighting needs?  Will you need the “Special Lights” including spot lights?
  9. Will you be serving any food?
  10. Would you like the Hall to arrange catering? 
  11. Do you need rehearsal time?
  12. Do you want the hall to provide additional staff services ($15 per hour per extra staff)?
  13. Do you require the use of our kitchen facilities?
  14. Do you require the Box Office services?
  15. Do you require merchandise services?
  16. Do you require the use of a piano(s)?
  17. Do you need any stage props such as chairs, tables, lectern etc?
  18. Will you be bringing decorations or displays? 
  19. Do you have anyone attending the event with accessibility issues?
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