Live at Aeolian Hall

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Thursday December 16, 2021
8:00 pm   |  Doors Open @ 7:00 pm
$40 Advanced    $45 Doors   

The Next Generation Leahy

A Next Generation Leahy concert is the tonic the world needs right now. The union of a close family bond with amazing natural talent results in not only amazing chemistry on stage for the musicians, but an unforgettable experience for the audience.

With the ever-growing talent of the Leahy children leading the way, the music of The Next Generation Leahy is constantly evolving, bringing Celtic music into the modern era for a new audience. In all of their music The Next Generation Leahy takes their passion for music, song, and dance – which flows from every pore in their bodies – and creates something new and vibrant.

Ranging in age from nine to 19, the siblings are well-seasoned performers, whose shows are filled with the high-energy, infectious music associated with their Leahy heritage. Fiddle, cello, French accordion, singing, piano, and French-Canadian step-dancing all find a voice on stage. Their passion for live performance is never more obvious than during the Christmas season, where well-loved Leahy favourites are played alongside time-honoured seasonal music. All this adds up to an experience that is joyful, positive, and rare.

This December, join The Next Generation Leahy and be inspired by these young people, energized by the music, and excited for the arrival of Christmas.

The Next Generation Leahy is:

Adele –  fiddle, piano, cello, step-dance, vocals

Gregory – fiddle, accordion, drums, piano, step-dance, vocals

Angus –  fiddle, piano, guitar, step-dance, vocals

Cecilia –  fiddle, piano, step-dance, vocals, mandolin

Joseph – fiddle, step-dance, accordion, piano, vocals

Evelyn –  fiddle, step-dance, piano, vocals