A Fundraiser

Do you wish that every night was an Aeolian night?

Do you miss enjoying Aeolian’s fine wine and delectable treats under the backdrop of live music?

Do you want to support the return of live arts and music to London, Ontario during these challenging times?

The Aeolian-at-Home Culinary Experience is a unique fundraiser in support of Aeolian’s mission while our stage is empty and the lights are dark.

For $50, you receive a bottle of wine, a bag of coffee or tea, and a treat – all of your choice.

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STEP ONE: Select Your Wine

The Aeolian Bar has long prided itself on a curated collection of wine, beer and spirits that are available locally throughout the year from regional wineries and craft breweries. We ensure that our patrons and guests have a formidable selection of quality beverages with a selection to please any palate. We enjoy bringing a quality beverage service to our productions and are delighted to share our inspired selections with you to be enjoyed in the comfort of your very own home. Make tonight an Aeolian night.

The Wine: LadyBug – SOLD OUT
Type: Cabernet Franc & Gamay (Rosé)
The Winemaker: Malivoire
Place of Origin: Beamsville, Ontario
The Year: 2017
Concert Pairing: Pride Men’s Chorus, Carol Welsman, Jill Barber

Malivoire’s LadyBug Rosé is an audience favourite at the Aeolian Bar. Popular in the summer, it is fresh, zesty and bursting with red cherry, wild strawberry and watermelon. This popular rosé defines food-friendly and is refreshing with charcuterie and olives, goat cheese on endive, or barbequed vegetables.


The Wine: Pinot Gris
Type: Pinot Grigio (White)
The Winemaker: Malivoire
Place of Origin: Beamsville, Ontario
The Year: 2018
Concert Pairing: Sarah Davis Beuchner, Chantal Kreviazuk, Heather Rankin

Malivoire’s Pinot Gris captures the tangy aromas of pear, nectarine, glazed tropical fruits and a hint of almond. The grapes are picked during a short period in September when the average grape sugar was at 19.7 brix, you will note lemon-line, green apple, white grapefruit, pommel and honey flavours which clarified over six months of cool fermentation.



The Wine: Sauvignon Blanc
Type: Sauvignon Blanc (White)
The Winemaker: Trius Winery
Place of Origin: Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario
The Year: 2017
Concert Pairing: Ennis Sisters, Royal Wood, The Once

The summer sipping season calls for Trius Sauvignon Blanc. Fresh, lively flavours of citrus, apple and green herbs dance on the palate before a final, zippy note of grapefruit on the finish. Enjoy on its own or with patio favourites like gazpacho, summer salads, lemon parsley chicken, delicate fish with fresh herbs, shellfish and sushi.


The Wine: Corposo
Type: Ripasso (Red)
The Winemaker: Colaneri Estate Winery
Place of Origin: Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario
The Year: 2018
Concert Pairing: Alexandra Kane, Marc Jordan, Nick Sherman

Colaneri’s Corposo is made in the traditional “Ripasso” style. Cherry, raspberry, nutmeg and a touch of smokiness entices the nose. The palate enjoys the essence of plum, cherry, vanilla, spice and a hint of anise. Delicious with your favourite pizza or pasta dish.


The Wine: Merlot
Type: Merlot (Red)
The Winemaker: Reif Estate Winery
Place of Origin: Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario
The Year: 2018
Concert Pairing: Fraser Teeple, Molly Johnson, Hawksley Workman

Reif Estates’ Merlot is a medium bodied red with soft, supple tannins and gentle, oaky notes on the palate. Aromas of plum and flavours of red berries give a silky balance to taste and scent. It is delicious after a hearty beef stew or with a tray of hard cheeses or sturdy cake. Harvesting was quick in an effort to pick the fruit before heavy rain affected the quality of grapes after a dry and dusty summer led to an unseasonably wet fall.


The Wine: Small Lot Gamay
Type: Gamay (Red)
The Winemaker: Malivoire
Place of Origin: Beamsville, Ontario
The Year: 2018
Concert Pairing: Rita Chiarelli, Heather Bambrick, Dirvish

Quite rare outside of France, Gamay thrives in Ontario, where it has become a kind of specialty.The nose is a fruit burst of blueberry, strawberry and cherry compote.A taste senses a bright and crunchy texture, and flavours of tart cherry, raspberry, cranberry, savoury herbs and lingering white pepper. Splendid with grilled eggplant, gourmet sausages, lamb skewers or roast beef served with mashed potatoes.

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STEP TWO: Select Your Tea or Coffee

Patrick’s Beans is a local London coffee roastery. Patrick himself is a master roaster and professional chef. He oversees the preparation of every bean, roasting them in small batches to tightly control quality and consistency. Every bean is fresh, organic and ethically sourced. Patrick’s Beans is all about supporting local communities, through local fundraising programs and the Beanstalk Project ™. One percent of every batch roasted is donated to local emergency shelters and food aid programs. Since it’s founding in 2014, Patrick’s Beans has grown to service more than 60 restaurants, cafes and retail clients in the Southwestern Ontario region.


Beverage: Coffee

Name: The Safe Choice

Type: Medium

Description: “Don’t knock it. It will always be there for you in the morning.”

A medium blend based on Honduran and Guatemalan coffees. Balanced with a gentler roast character.



Beverage: Coffee

Name: Dark & Brewding

Type: Dark

Description: “It’s complicated… you couldn’t possibly understand what it’s going through.

A rich dark roast blend of Sumatran, Sidamo and Guatemalan Coffees. Full bodied with a complexity added by sun-dried Sidamo.



Beverage: Tea

Name: Earl Grey

Description: Natural bergamot infuses the air with a heady aroma.



Beverage: Tea

Name: English Breakfast

Description: A perfect breakfast tea with body and full flavour.




Beverage: Tea

Name: Sencha Green Tea

Description: Delicious green tea character with depth, body and some pungency.



Beverage: Tea

Name: Vanilla Chai – SOLD OUT

Description: Creamy Madagascar vanilla notes dance with tingling Malabar Coast spices. A lovely finger finish is accentuated by candy cardamom.




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STEP THREE: Select Your Chocolate

Charlie Brown comic Charles M. Schultz once said “all you need is love… but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”  Every season is chocolate season at Aeolian Hall and we can never have enough.


Chocolate: Pat’s Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans (90 box)

Chocolatier: Patrick’s Beans

Description: According to Patrick, his chocolate covered beans are guaranteed NOT to cure awkward silences, flaccid thinking, criminally poor spelling, misplaced chastity, unruly mustaches, existential ennui, poor life choices, cognitive dissonance, unrequited lovelessness, male pattern splaining, irritable vowel syndrome, rampant mediocrity, premature procrastination, lingering regret, and brainal leakage.


Chocolate: Lindor Truffles (90 gram selection)

Chocolatier: Lindt Chocolatier

Description: For almost 150 years, chocolate manufacturers in Switzerland and the rest of the world have been trying to discover the secret behind the family recipe. Nobody has quite managed to do so up until now. The melt-in-the-mouth chocolate from Rodolphe Lindt has remained a symbol not only for world-renowned Swiss chocolate but also for the innovative and inventive spirit of successful entrepreneurs.


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Additional Donation for Tax Receipt 

Price: At Your Discretion

Description: Would you like your gift to have an even more meaningful impact? During these trying times, arts organizations like the Aeolian Hall are doing everything they can to fill the gap between isolation and artistic expression. We cannot wait until our stage lights are back on and our front door open: but until then, every dollar helps us to secure our future. Gifts of more than $25 on top of the purchase of the fundraiser package will receive an Income Tax Receipt and recognition as part of Aeolian’s Fundraising and Development programs. You may specify your gift to the Legacy Fund in support of Aeolian operations or the Gift of Music Fund in support of El Sistema Aeolian.


An Aeolian Auditory Experience with Matt Alber

Price: $25

Experience the astounding vocals of Matt Alber along with the incredible sounds of London’s Prime Time Big Band in How High The Moon, a recreation of Mel Tormé’s “Swingin’ on the Moon” album from 1960. Recorded in the historic Aeolian Hall, this album captures the beautiful sounds of Tormé’s iconic jazz style and gives new life to his album which is connected through one theme; The Magical Moon – in all of its moods. All proceeds from the album directly benefit The El Sistema Aeolian Youth Program of London, Ontario. El Sistema Aeolian provides a free, intensive music program to over 100 students each year. Participants play in an orchestra, sing in a choir and learn valuable social skills. 


An Aeolian Auditory Experience with Clark Bryan

Price: $25 each

Mr. Clark Bryan is not just the Artistic & Executive Director of Aeolian Hall, he is also a world renowned, touring classical pianist. Choose one or both recordings available as part of this promotion.  

“Claude Debussy/Maurice Ravel – Piano Works 1890-1907” was required at the Western Ontario Conservatory of Music in 1997 and self produced by Clark Bryan. It was re-released for circulation in 2019. The album includes works by both composers including the masterful Clair de Lune.

“Chopin Nocturnes” was recorded at the Aeolian Hall Performing Arts Centre over a period of time between September and October 2007 on a Yamaha C7 piano maintained by Steve Grega of D&S Pianos of London, Ontario. This two disc album released in 2010 covers the entirety of Chopin’s nocturnes.


A Virtual Tour of Aeolian’s Art Installation and Purchase of Your Choice

Price: At Your Discretion

We were proud to install a collection of works by the Artful Dodgers in the later winter at the Hall for sale to the general public. Unfortunately COVID19 has meant that scarcely anyone has had the chance to view the beautiful works: UNTIL NOW! We have digitized each piece and uploaded the collection to our website for your enjoyment. Installation by the Artful Dodgers collective features the works of Lynne Pinchin, Chip Oud and Judy Stirling in their second showing at Aeolian Hall. The Aeolian receives thirty percent of each sale.

Visit the Gallery



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