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how to Donate


To give the gift of securities, please complete the PDF form attached herein. To make a donation of securities to Aeolian Hall, you must instruct your broker to transfer your gift electronically, or you may send the securities to us in certificate form. In either case, please inform our contact (see the attachment below) and mail, email or fax the completed Notification of Gift of Securities to Aeolian Hall so that we can thank you, notify the Foundations broker of when to expect your gift and prepare an accurate charitable tax receipt. 


Leaving a bequest in your Will provides you the opportunity to make a meaningful tribute to represent your love of arts, music and community.

Your gift will have a lasting impact and will go towards building stronger, healthier communities.

Bequests are instrumental in ensuring the longevity of our programs and initiatives.

There are many options for including the Aeolian Hall in your Will. You may leave a percentage of your estate, property, securities or cash. All bequests are receipted with a charitable tax receipt which can help to reduce taxes on your estate. You may also designate the Aeolian as a beneficiary on your life insurance policy, RRSP or other securities (common or preferred).

We strongly recommend consulting with your financial advisor if you are considering a bequest to the Aeolian Hall Musical Ars Association.

Intention to Leave a Gift TO the Aeolian In Your Will

Knowing of your intentions to leave a gift in your Will helps us to plan for our long-term sustainability far into the future and to ensure that your gift is used as you wish. But most of all, we’d like to thank you in advance for your thoughtfulness. Any information that you share with us will remain strictly confidential.


Naming the Aeolian in your Will

Our legal name is: Aeolian Hall Musical Arts Association

Our charitable registration number is: 866178916 RR0001

It’s up to you to decide how your bequest will be used, however a general gift allows us to direct the monies received to the areas of greatest need.


Making the Gift of Life Insurance

Making a Gift of Life Insurance is a convenient and affordable way to make a sustainable future donation to the Aeolian.

The following options are available:

  • Transfer an existing policy to the Aeolian
  • Transfer a new policy to the Aeolian
  • Name the Aeolian as a direct beneficiary



Resource for Professional Advisors

We value our close partnerships with our professional advisors including financial advisors, lawyers, trust officers and funeral directors. We are grateful for the impact of your work.

Here are a few resources that will help meet the needs of your clients who want to support the Aeolian.

Legal Name: Aeolian Hall Musical Arts Association

Charitable Registration Number: 866178916 RR0001

Our mailing address is:

795 Dundas Street London, ON N5W 2Z6

PHONE: 519-672-7950


For more information please contact: Clark Bryan, Executive & Artistic Director at clark@aeolianhall.ca

Aeolian General Campaign

Spreading Music, Changing Lives

 What would your life be like without music?

Music has the power to inspire, enlighten and transform.  It is a Universal Language that breaks down barriers and speaks to our collective humanity.

The Aeolian believes that everyone should have access to music and the arts.

Help us present excellence in performance and continue to offer and create revolutionary arts programs that build better communities.


  • help sustain and grow the aeolian’s programs including concerts, el sistema aeolian, aeolian pride choruses london, aeolian talks and our art shows
  • help preserve and restore our designated heritage site: the aeolian hall
  • Promote diversity in our programming and foster Social Inclusion and Social Justice in our communities
  • To offer Universal Access to Music, Art, Culture and Education through our free opportunities such as El Sistema Aeolian and Aeolian Talks
  • Maintain our presence locally, nationally and internationally as a top venue in Canada
  • To offer opportunities to our local musicians to perform in a world-class “Legendary” venue
  • To help us purchase new equipment needed for our performance and teaching spaces


  • Designated Historical Site: Aeolian Hall (1884)
  • Run by a Canadian Non-Profit Organization with Charitable Status: The Aeolian Hall Musical Arts Association
  • Board Members are highly experienced
  • Voted as Best Live Venue by the Forest City London Music Awards four times
  • Voted by CBC Radio 3 Searchlight Contest as one of the top venues in Canada
  • Small paid staff and large volunteer support
  • Executive/Artistic Director is member of Western University’s Don Wright Faculty of Music Wall of Fame


  • Present Concerts and events with very diverse offerings
  • Offer our facility for rent including special affordable rates for Non-Profit Organizations
  • Supporters include Government, Foundations, Corporate and Individuals
  • Create programming that supports disadvantaged populations
  • Work with Community Partners to help strengthen and grow opportunities in our community
  • Work with newcomers to help give opportunities in our programs and help them find a home in our community



“Aeolian Hall is a cozy theatre which hosts an abundance of local, national and international artists on their world-class stage…From the hall’s historic décor, artsy volunteers, hard-working staff, local brew, amazing entertainment, and heart-filling acoustics,  the word about Aeolian Hall is being spread far and wide and people are catching on to the gift that London Ontario natives are calling “The place to be for a great night out”. As a business-person, I am impressed by the organizational skills of the staff behind the scenes who work diligently to make sure each show goes without a hitch. Aeolian Hall is a magical place, built on love.  And all who enter its doors will be touched by this magic. It truly is the place to be!”
– Sarah Smith


“I love volunteering at the Hall for a number of reasons. There is an obvious giving back to the community but there is also the Aeolian community itself. The staff and volunteers are a great group of people from diverse backgrounds. We all start here for the love of music and stay for the community we are building.”

– Cindy Thomas


“It means safe fun with people I like, it’s good to be with people of like mind.”

– Candace, Aeolian Pride Choruses London


“I cannot express the impact that El Sistema has had on our family. Ella has blossomed as a confident eight-year-old and is identifying herself as a violin player. She often takes the opportunity to practice and teach her siblings the violin and has expressed her love for music […] Since starting in October of 2013, Ella has been invited to play her violin for various house guests and has been asked to play at several community events. This has enabled her to gain more confidence in her playing abilities and has also allowed her to connect with her emerging talent. El Sistema has truly opened many doors for my daughter, and through her, it is affecting the entire family in a positive way. I cannot express my sincere gratitude for this wonderful program. Many thanks for giving her this life-changing opportunity!” 
– Martha M., Parent of El Sistema Aeolian Student



2023 aeolian General Campaign Donors

 conductor level

($5k +)

Anonymous Gift

Jan Devereux

Canadian Heritage

Good Foundation Inc.

Mr. Curt Lind

London Arts Council

London Community Foundation Recovery Grant

sustainer level

($1k TO $4999)

Alkin Corporation

Lee Anderson

Anonymous Gifts

The Janssen Family Foundation

Nancy and Eric Bryan

Sandi and Paul Caplan

Paul Cooper and David Hiebert

David Crawford and Julia Holland

Kate Delaney

Ecclesiastical Insurance

Darryl Fabiani

Gordon and Maria Hardcastle

Vimla Harry and Robert Heacock

William Horne Charitable Account

Bill Jansen

London Community Foundation (Robb Family Trust)

London Community Foundation (The Beckett Project)

Burton Moon

Ruth Noble

Susan Soney

David Southen

Margaret Szilassy

Janet Wombwell

benefactor level

($500 to $999)

Jim Cressman

David Gillies

Bryan Gloyd

Mike Hanson

Gloria McGinn-McTeer

Doug Southen

Heather Struckett

Kirk Wallis

fellow level

($250 TO $499)

Samantha Brennan

Clark Bryan

Don and Cheri Bryant

Moira Burke

Joel Faflak

David Hogg

William Horne

Kennedy Kimber-Johnson

Susan Kyle

Karen Lilley

London Middlesex Community Housing

Jacob Malkin

Robert McCullough

Beverly and Paul Mills

PayPal Giving

Thomas Peace

Robert & Sarah Poole

James Shreve

Renny Thomson

Terry West

contributor level

($100 to $249)

Susan Agranove

Genevieve Albert

Luke Baylis

Jane Baynes

Marlene Benny

Kerry Benson

Mary Benson

Kathleen Brammall

Reverend Canon Ken Brooks

Mike Brown

Pierre Bussieres

Louise Carlson

Ian Chunn

Frances Clark

Hugh John Cook

Ian, Allison, Emily & Kaitlyn Cooper

Anne Copp

Steve Coulahan

Cheryl Csetri

Julie Dillon

Suzanne Edmondson

Bill and Ann Fleming

Patricia Fulton

Allan Gedalof

Oscar Gomez

Jennifer Hayden

Beth Henning

Andrew and Cindy House

Michael Huft

Brenda Hutton

Susan Gordon

S Vincent Gray

Debbie Guilbeault

Greg Holden

The Howson-Jans

Robert Koprich

Elaine Lee

Leslee  Lefteruk

Dominique Levings

Miriam Mann Professional Corporation

Kathy Marshman

Kathleen McCoy

Mary McCracken

Jessica McKay

Sandra McManus

Brian McMillan

David and Dorothy McPherson

Robert and Carole Meyers

Rick Morphew

Gena and Kevin Norbury

Laura Orser

H Elizabeth Parmeter

Lisa Paulaharju

Ingrid Pawley

Maggie Perquin

Wendy Perry

Hervé H. Poirier

Sara Isabel Ricaurte

Francine Rheault

Barbara Ridgewell

Bente Rowe

Amalia Samakis

Pat Schnare

Ed and Jenn Senez

Pirkko Sheldrick

Janet Shute

Sophie Skaith

Colleen Smith

Victor Soga

Elizabeth Spracklin

Janice and Paul Strickland

Mark and Donna Teeple

Leah Wall

Robert Wallace

Ailene Wittstein

ambassador level

($50 to $99)

Joan Ang

Susan Bentley

Nancy Bol

Phyllis Brady

Fran Brown

Murray Cardiff

Burns Cheadle

Cheryl Marshall

Anne Craig

Ian Davies

Roberta Day

Peggy Anne Endean

Nancy Gillespie

Joe Gregorio

Susan Grieve

David He

Bruce Hoadley

Sherry Hong

Joy Jackson

Tara Jessop

Elaine Jones

Nancy Joyal

Trish Kaminski

Jim Lawton

Barbara Lent

Patricia McGee

Lynda McInnes

Louise Milligan

Burke Neale

Jennifer Palmer

Joyce Pearkes

Barry and Lisa Phillips

Dr. Romola Porchuk

Anne Marie Powell

Reg Quinton

James Raycroft

James S. Reaney

Regina Satorius

Kim Shanklin

Suzanne Sills

J. Stjohn

Ben Strubin

Ken Sumnall

Carol Thorley

Elaine Toonders

Dave Wallis

Jennifer Wenn

Ann Wilkinson

Elizabeth Yanow

Deanna Young

Connie and Frank Zolotar

friend level

($20 to $49)

Greg Agnew

Mike Ahearn

Bradley Allender

Alexis Annett

Mary Arnold

Joanne Beasley

Michele Beaudoin

Jerald Beernick

Helene Berman

Leslie Blumas

William Bromilow

Sue Brown

Kirk Burgess

Marie Burt

Barbara Cecchin

Gary Collins

Greg Cook

Barbara Culbert

Patsy Dawson

David Day

Michael Deweerd

Patricia Dodgson

Antonietta Dona

Stuart Donaldson

Sean Feica

Wayne Ferguson

Chris Fischer

Suzanne Foster

Roberta Fox

Marilyn Gaffney

Diane Gammon

Cliona Geraghty

Adam Grant

Marilyn Grigg

Jim Heskin

Martin Hobbs

Margaret Hopkins

Michele Horton

Natasa Jaric

Debbie Jordan

Dave Kirk

Mark Kraatz

Gayle Kumpf

Bonnie Lee

Sharon Lowery

Silvana Macdonald

Jim MacKrory

David Mccoll

Don McGlynn

Linda McLeod

Marian McMillan

Bonnie McNichol

Dave Miller

Jean Morrow

Marilyn Moyes

James Nagy

Stacey Nahdee

Matt Naylor

Dimitrios Nikolakakos

Ivan Nolet

Eric Panchuk

Brian and Jan Parkinson

Jennifer Parolin

William Petryshyn

George Pigeon

Norma Poel

Jennifer Reed

Kelsey Regier

Chris Roney

Janie Rother

Andrew Scott

William Sheldon

Robert Siskind

Gary Skiffington

Jane Skinner

Philip Sutcliffe

David Taylor

Dorothy Taylor

Ross Turnbull

Paul Ufford

Kari Veblen

Phil Waldie

Beverly Ward

Mark Warner

Lois Wheatley

Margaret Whitcroft

Lotus Why

Wayne Wolanski

Peter Yates


Anonymous Gifts

Elizabeth Armstrong

Arlene Berday

Rod Culham

Brent Hodson

Correy Ludwar

OEV Community-Woodman Disaster Relief Fund

el sistema gift of music campaign

Gift of Music, Gift of Community

Did you ever have “lessons” when you were young?  Whether they were swimming, hockey, music, art, dance or other lessons, think of your life without those experiences.  How would that change you?

Now imagine a program that offers to give high quality and intensive music education to youth in our city.

Your donation supports more than 115 Children between the ages of 6 and 18 to play in orchestras, sing in choirs and enjoy a healthy dinner and snack.  All of these experiences are 100% free, helping fill the gap between those receiving an enriched music education and those who don’t.

Many great musicians are acting as advocates for our program and have collaborated with the participants.    Marc Jordan, Royal Wood, Valdi, Yuri Pool and Matt Alber have all put their names behind this incredible opportunity as Honorary Patrons.


  • Inspire youth with the gift of music
  • Fill the gap between those receiving enriched music education and those who don’t
  • Eliminate many barriers to participation including economic, social and academic
  • Cultivate Leadership and Peer Mentorship as transferable skills
  • Help participants and their families to have a sense of belonging in our community
  • Improve abilities such as memory, tactile skills, spatial reasoning and literary skills


  • A free, intensive music program open to all without audition or experience
  • Part of a Global movement of programs in 86 countries, winning TED, UNESCO and the Glen Gould Awards
  • Over 115 participants perform in orchestras, sing in choirs, eat nutritious meals and perform many concerts each year
  • Unique Leadership and Peer Mentorship program taught in collaboration with Western University’s Don Wright Faculty of Music


  • Minimum 3 days of training for 2.5 hours per day
  • Highly qualified music teachers many with Master’s Degrees or higher level training
  • Our home: The Aeolian Education Campus at first-st andrew’s united church in the heart of London
  • 15 to 20 performances per year
  • Over 50 volunteers support the classrooms, teaching and meals



“El Sistema Aeolian has made a big impact on my life specially when I was going through a hard time in my life. Going to El Sistema has helped me to escape all my worries and struggles. Thanks to the people that I met in the program who are so supportive, I became a more positive person who learn to love the music. I can feel the rhythm of each piece we play and in that moment I feel that we are just one trying to express the way that I see the world now. My mom loves the sound of my voice and she says that I have improved a lot since I am in the choir. Thanks so much to El Sistema Aeolian and all the people that are in the program they are like my family I feel at home when I am there.
– Laura C.


“This is my son’s fourth year at El Sistema Aeolian. He’s gained a real sense of musical technique and confidence, which is wonderful to witness. El Sistema is also a place of community where he enjoys spending time with friends and skilled teachers. This sense of belonging and responsibility to others has been an invaluable and enriching experience for our son and our family as a whole.”
– Ann T.

 Honorary Patron

 “Nothing develops a young mind more successfully, nor sets them on the right path quicker than the arts and the proper after school program to go with it. El Sistema Aeolian levels the playing field and allows more than just the privileged children an opportunity to expand their mind and abilities. El Sistema gives children the tools to change the world for the better.”

– Royal Wood

2023 GIFT OF MUSIC campaign donors

conductor level

($5K +)

The Alva Foundation

The Canada Life Assurance Company

The Bev Zaifman Foundation

Sheffar Potter Muchan

Sifton Family Foundation

Sisters of St. Joseph

sustainer level

($1K to $4999)

Anonymous Gifts

Kelly Armstrong

Barbara Denise Ashby

The Big Sound (El Sistema Grey-Bruce)

BlueStone Properties Inc.

Cahill Financial Inc.

Paul Cooper and David Hiebert

Tim Dawdy

Janice Elloway

John and Betty Anne Flaherty

Bill and Ann Fleming

Tom Getliffe

Samuel Hornby

John Howitt and Anne MacDougall

Lois Isbister

Merry Rosebush Family Fund


Michael and Heidi Peck

Shelly Siskind

David Southen

benefactor level

($500 to $999)

John A. Brophy

Lorie Catto

Bruce Cuttell

Michael Feron

Andrew and Cindy House

Tika Merrikh

Lorne Parnes

Gabrielle Savard

Ellen Singleton

Janice and Paul Strickland

Paul Theriault

Joanne and John Thompson

Fellow level

($250 to $499)

Jeff Brown

Don and Cheri Bryant

Scott Coulter

Ralph Crandell

Jim Cressman

David DiBattista

April Hall

Mike Hanson

Mary Morris

Robert Munroe

Anne Marie Nicli

Christopher Nobes

John Peter Vettor

Jacqueline Lee Vettor

Elizabeth Wasko

Wesley Knox United Church-Senior Choir

John Wiebe

Jennifer Williams

contributor level

($100 to $249)

Gayle Abbott

Sandra Adkin

Teresa Ainsworth

Linda Amaral

Jennifer Bibbings

John G. Brennan

Chris Bruckschwaiger

Lesley Classic

Carolyn Corcoran

James Davis

Allan Edwards

Stephen Elson

Fred Emery

Elyse Fisher

Jackie Fitzsimmons

Dawn Giffin

Patty Gillis

Patricia & Elliott Gnidec

Marianne Griffith

Margaret Hare

Cheryl Heard

Wendy Hearn-Blodgett

Gerald Jorden

Nancy Joyal

Timothy Kingsmill

Jerry Lacina

Claudia Myunghwa Lee

Shelley Leippi

Carrie Lightfoot

Richard Lyke

Paul Makrakos

Diane and Peter McClure

Peter and Diane Merrifield

Leah Montoux

Susan Murdoch

Donna Nelson

Mildred Norry

Jennifer Otter-Leaney

Michael Parody

Hervé H. Poirier

Bronwyn Powell

Donald Reid

Dave Reid

Antonio Ricaurte

Jim Robson

Anne Rumbolt

Wanda Sawicki

Cheryl Scollard

Sandra Sibbley

Bill Smith

John P. Southen

Randy Southen

Jeffrey Stokes

Gordon Thompson

Roely Vanderboor

Bryan Vickers

Carlos Villaquiran

Alex Wasko

Moira Wills

Adele Woolfe

ambassador level

($50 to $99)

Debra Armstrong

Ban Ayo

Marlene Benny

Sue Brown

Alison Buchanan

Sharon Burton

Sue Camara

Jennifer Cross

Shirley Davis

Aija Dreimanis

Kay Faroni

Harasym Developments

Melissa Hartwick

Carleen Hone

Robert Koprich

Jose Fernando Conde Leon

Marilyn Loosemore

Madeline Macaulay

Robert Martin

Rhoda Micks

Susanne Miller

Richard Monteith

Louise Moorhouse

Marlene Mueller

Melissa Page Nichols

Lynn Okanski

Kim Phillips

Susan Ralyea

Philip Spencer

Laura Stinson

Heather Stokman

Techno Auto Repair

friend level

($20 to $49)

Anonymous Gifts

Jens Biskaborn

Phyllis Brady

Margaret Bryant

Maren Foster

Caroll Halford

Lynn Johnston

Lori Keen

Grace Kerr

Jo-Anne Lounds

Simon Ly

Richard MacGregor

Rita Melville

Pauline and John Nanni

Sandra Nesbitt

Chuck and Dawn Peterson

Allie Price

Joan Rawlings

Emily Rust

Maureen Temme

Andrew Turnbull

Debbie Woods

el sistema Aeolian gift catalogue


Click here to see the 2024 El Sistema Aeolian Gift Catalogue.  Instruments and prices are on page 2 (scroll down to see them).

El Sistema Aeolian Gift Catalogue 2024









Please contact us by phone at 519-672-7950, by email at info@aeolianhall.ca or donate online at Donate Online at: www.CanadaHelps.org by selecting “El Sistema Gift Catalogue” from the list of funds and indicate what instruments would would like to purchase with your donation.

El sistema patron program

Give the “Gift of Music” and make an investment in the lives of youth in our community.  Help support the opportunity to experience and learn music while cultivating teamwork, mutual respect, compassion and leadership.  Your ongoing commitment to El Sistema Aeolian provides the needed stability to operate, develop and expand this program to youth in our London Community.

The patron program is for donors who wish to make a longer term impact. Your pledge renews annually for three years and may be renewed.



“This program has had a huge impact on our family. Being a single mother has its challenges, and one of those challenges is engaging my children into life-long skills training at a reasonable price.  El Sistema Aeolian has made it possible for my kids to be a member of a skilled music program and confidently be a contributing force to the larger community that listens to their wonderful music, all provided for free. I am thrilled with the way my kids have grown as musicians, socially, and overall as contributing members of a community.”

– M. Macause


“My son has been in the El Sistema Aeolian program for over three years so far.   I have seen since the day he started huge progress in my son life ever since.   El Sistema is one of those programs that not only brings music to a kid`s life, it is also an integral program where all their capacities are tested to the level of excellence.   I can say that today my son has gained skills and knowledge not only in music, it is also social demureness, leadership, public speech, matures, stronger character making decision, independence and more. This program is well based in terms of the orientation to grow potential leaders in the music field that will bring value to the society in the near future.   The art of music through the El Sistema goes beyond any possible expectation.   I encourage everyone to participate actively promoting the social benefit of El Sistema Aeolian as organization.  I am so blessed of this wonderful opportunity.   My big thanks to all the El Sistema directors, coordinator, volunteers and everyone involved, working hard changing life for a better future.    Thank you El Sistema Aeolian!”
– Manuel Romero


“We rely on and deeply appreciate the healthy meals that’s are created by the volunteers in the El Sistema program. It allows us to transition our daughter from the end of busy school day to the beginning of her El Sistema programming. Knowing that she has had a chance to decompress, eat a healthy meal and socialize with peers is important to fuel her body and mind. This is also time well spent on further developing new and existing relationships with peers.” 
– Bob & Penney Aggelonitis


“Every time I see the El Sistema participants perform and see the growth in their music and confidence in themselves always gives me a special thrill having been involved with getting to know some of the participants over the years.”

– Janice Mark


diamond patrons

Janice & Paul Strickland

platinum patrons

Dr. Paul Cooper and David Hiebert

Gold patrons

ETFO Thames Valley Occasional Teachers’ Local

Nicholas J. Koppert


Friends of the London Civic Gardens Complex

Honorary Patrons

Matt Alber (2017)

Royal Wood (2017)

Marc Jordan (2018)

Valdy (2019)

Yuri Poole (2019)

Sarah Smith (2020)

Donors prior to current year

Click this link to see a list of donors from prior years:


Rent The Aeolian

The Aeolian is a beautiful, unique, award-winning location to host your event.

While particularly renowned for its acoustic/live music presentations, the Aeolian is a versatile facility and can also host conferences and fundraisers.

Give to Culture

Explore the arts. Support your community. Discover yourself.

The Aeolian relies heavily upon a strong base of community support that benefits many projects and events. All contributions, whether small or large, make a huge difference and will help sustain The Aeolian Musical Arts Association’s mission and future.