Aeolian Pride Choruses Application Form

Pride Choruses Application Form

I wish to join the following Aeolian Pride Choruses:
Pride Chorus London (lower voices)and Pride Chorus London (treble/higher voices) join together for some of their singing repertoire as a SATB Chorus (Pride Celebration Choir) throughout the year for each concert and rehearsal. The Summer Pride Celebration Chorus is also open to those not participating during the rest of the year.
I have read the Membership Agreement and I agree to all the Terms and Conditions for membership in Pride Choruses London. Note: this includes an agreement to allow images and recordings of myself, with the choir, to be made public (on our web pages and social media as well as print). Terms and Conditions can be read online www.aeolianhall.ca/pmcl.
As well as being a singing member of the choruses, I wish to volunteer my services to help with the mission and vision of the Choir in the following areas listed below:
I wish to be a non-singing member of the choruses and volunteer my services to help with the mission and vision of the Choir in the following areas listed below:
Fee: The choruses has an annual membership fee of $120 for 2023-2024. Payment information is detailed in the Terms of Agreement. For members joining after January 1st, the fee is $60.00. For members joining for just the Summer Price Celebration Chorus, the fee is $40.00 These fees only cover a fraction of the cost of operating the choir. The rest of the costs are raised through fundraising activities by Aeolian Hall. The Aeolian strives to be an inclusive organization. For those who are experiencing financial stress, we can reduce or waive the fee. Fees can be paid in person at Aeolian Hall, by cheque to "AHMAA" or by e-transfer to: accounting@theaeolian.ca

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