Diversity and Inclusion


The Aeolian Hall was built on a foundation that respects, cultivates and promotes diversity and inclusion. Discrimination and racism are at odds with our mission and our values.

We stand with the Black Community: in London, in Canada and Internationally in calling for an end to anti-Black racism.  We stand with Indigenous Communities believing that reconciliation needs to manifest “Reconciliaction”.  More broadly, all people of colour still struggle in a world with a history of white colonialism.  We will continue to find ways to fight for equity and help heal the wounds from historical injustices.

Violence and systemic barriers against these communities are destructive to our societies moral and ethical fabric.

The Aeolian Hall calls on our friends, supporters and the larger community to resist and call-out racism.

It is not enough to tolerate and accept each other.

Love for our fellow human beings is the only path that promises peace, equality and human dignity.

Aeolian’s Definition of a Safe Space

“A safe place is one that constantly assesses and re-evaluates barriers to inclusivity.  As one cannot possibly know all barriers to participation, it is important to stay open to input from all individuals and communities.   Listening, and then making constant efforts to overcome existing and new barriers can mitigate a fixed mindset that could prevent a space from being perceived as “safe”.  What makes a space feel safe for one individual or community could make it feel unsafe for another individual or community.  Therein lies the challenge, and the need for ongoing efforts to make a space as safe as possible for as many as possible.”


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