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Sunday October 20, 2019
3:00 pm  
No tickets. Donations accepted to cover expenses.   

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It’s not a concert, it’s a Sing!

Big Sing London is an event where a couple hundred people get together to just sing for the joy of it for an hour or more. No skill is necessary, and no one will hear you because everyone is singing. People have a need for community, to come together and engage in activity that feeds the spirit. What better activity to do that than by singing together? Besides, it’s proven that singing has positive health benefits!

We’ll sing songs of all kinds—traditional songs. Songs that unite us. Fun songs. Inspiring songs. Simple songs. Songs we can just sing out ut and not worry if we’re singing too loud—because we’ll all be singing loud! Word sheets will make it easy to join in.

Bernie Gilmore is a well-known folksinger, singer-songwriter, guitarist and banjo player right here in London. Bernie is passionate about the power of community singing and the right of every person to be able to sing. He loves leading Community Sings! You can be sure he’ll get the whole room rocking!

As he says, “Get the heck off your favourite chair at home and out from in front of the big screen. If you love to sing great songs come on out to Big Sing London! for an afternoon you will thoroughly enjoy—and get ready to sing your socks off!”

Special Guest

Bernie Gilmore

Bernie Gilmore, singer, guitarist and banjo player is always looking for a good story to make into another song. Bernie combines his enthusiasm for song writing and performing with a passion for international development – (recipient 2001 Lewis Perinbaum award for excellence in development in rural Africa). Bernie has recorded two solo cd’s – “another path,” songs of personal inspiration and “OIL BOOM!,” celebrating Canada’s history of oil discovery and most recently “Sea Fever” with his folk roots/celtic band Scallywag. Bernie has twice received nominations in the London Music Awards for best singer-songwriter in the folk/roots category.