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Saturday March 23, 2019
8:00 pm   |  Doors Open @ 7:00 pm
$25 Advanced    $30 Doors    $15 Student   

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The Complete Piano Works of Claude Debussy: Part V

As the final tribute to Debussy’s solo piano works, this concert features his most mature compositions.  The second book of Préludes date from 1911-12 and continue Debussy exploration of nature, literary works, pagan history and memorable events.  Be prepared to explore diverse cultural references from America to England, France to Spain and Egypt to India.

The second book of Études contain Debussy’s final major works and were written during the First World War in 1915.  Dedicated to Chopin, they continue the exploration of technical wizardry and tone painting.  Unlike the Préludes, these works are giving titles based on their technical or musical explorations and are much more abstract in content.

This recital completes the entire cycle of solo piano music by Claude Debussy, one of the most influential composers of all time.

“But music, don’t you know, is a dream from which the veils have been lifted. It’s not even the expression of a feeling, it’s the feeling itself.” 
— Claude Debussy



As an award-winning concert pianist, Clark Bryan has performed internationally, recorded 14 CD’s and has been featured on radio and television.  As a teacher, Mr. Bryan has taught thousands of students, adjudicated more than 60 music festivals coast to coast in Canada, given dozens of workshops and written a book “Gateways to Learning and Memory”.

The founder of The Aeolian Performing Arts Centre, Clark believes that everyone should have universal access to music, art and culture.  Because of this belief, he launched El Sistema Aeolian in 2011.  This free, intensive music program has offered hundreds of children and youth an opportunity to experience the joy of a rich musical experience.  In 2016, Mr. Bryan secured Bishop Cronyn Memorial Place, a second facility to develop an education centre.   Shortly after securing this facility, he co-founded two new programs.  Pride Men’s Chorus London is a choir open to men of all backgrounds and identities. Rebelheart Collective is a conductor-less chamber orchestra that offers mentorship to young apprentices and offers free tickets to every concert.

Mr. Bryan is engaged in community activism and speaks regularly at events, on radio and television and has given a TEDx talk about the power and joy of music study.

He has been awarded Musical Personality of the Year (2005), Jack Richardson Award for Community Contribution (2011).  In 2017, Mr. Bryan was awarded the Western Alumni Award of Merit and inducted into the Don Wright Faculty of Music Wall of Fame.

Mr. Bryan looks forward to a future when everyone has access to the arts and he is committed to making the changes necessary to accomplish this!