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Friday January 12, 2018
8:00 pm   |  Doors Open @ 7:00 pm
$15 Advanced   

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My Planet and Me by EmergentSeas

My Planet and Me is a one-person show written and performed by Damon Muma that follows a disillusioned man who discovers he is communicating telepathically with a sentient planet. It’s thoughtful science fiction with a dash of charm and wit, and a heaping helping of humanity. It is directed by Cara Moyer and Kristin Bennet. It debuted in June at the 2017 London Fringe Festival to critical acclaim.

It is now being reimagined at the Aeolian Hall for one night only, as something more than theatre — thanks to a selection of incredibly talented London artists from the worlds of dance, fine art, and music. This My Planet and Me contains a one-person show, but also integrates contemporary dance, an entrancing art installation, and a musical performance. Artists from four normally separate disciplines, working together to create a night you won’t soon forget.

EmergentSeas is Kristin Bennett, Cara Moyer and Damon Muma. They create original, undisciplined performances and collaborations in London, Ont. All three studied theatre in different cities a decade ago and came together last year to create.

Special Guest

Timothy Glasgow

Timothy Glasgow – self-described ‘professional audio nerd’ – lives in downtown London by choice, despite working with folks like Metric, Sonic Youth, and Nile Rodgers. He designs/builds/maintains and occasionally operates recording studios and more recently has discovered a 1960’s-style modular sound synthesizer growing in his apartment, as they tend to do. Occasionally he takes it out to play in front of an audience.


PDA is a movement and arts collective that aims to animate and infiltrate community spaces around the city. Using completely improvised scores and performances, and through collaborations with local artists of many disciplines, PDA’s goal is to immerse the public in the arts and create thought-provoking and interactive performances in non-traditional performance venues. Started by Hannah Goldberg, PDA has appeared around London, including at Nuit Blanche and the London Fringe, and has collaborated with Wormwood, the Koine Project, and poet Faith Patrick.

Special Guest

Matthew Trueman

Matthew Trueman is an artist working in the boundary between the arts and sciences. Primarily using sculpture and video he explores how our technology and culture interact to form a hybrid living organism, a tool that uses itself. His works employ the mantra, always repeating but never the same as a lens to view our relationship with tracking time, optics and scientific traditions. In late 2017 he released a historical photography project called “So Long, South Street”. He is currently completing his Master of Fine Arts at Western University.