Catching Up with an Aeolian Volunteer: Robert Koprich


Greetings from Robert Koprich

When I was at a rehab recovery meeting at the Dundas United Church someone there mentioned a free concert at a Hall down the street put on by a group called “Possible” featuring Sarah Smith. As soon as I walked in the hall I was hooked. Sarah Smith put on an awesome performance, I’ve been a fan since, and there was free pizza!

 I started coming to the hall frequently for concerts, so much so, an usher there said that you’re here so often why don’t you volunteer. I immediately put in my application and have been enjoying the friendly, sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere ever since.

 The children’s music program is a fabulous and important part of the Aeolian. The Arts and Music are a prime factor in the development of a child’s life. It gives them a sense of achievement and self worth. Society would be empty without the Arts.

 After spending some very dark years in m

y life, being involved with the Aeolian has been an intricate part of my recovery. After seeing the accepting atmosphere there, that was hidden deep inside me, I feel like I have found a second home here at The Aeolian.

Cheers, Robert Koprich