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Aeolian Hall Art Show 

application, policies and general information


We are currently accepting submissions for DECEMBER 2017 AND LATER. Please note that you may not be notified of acceptance until Fall/Winter of 2017.

Please read carefully. This is your agreement with the Aeolian Hall.


Aeolian Hall art shows are based on a few simple concepts: to give an outlet for local artists, beautify our hall and provide a richer experience for our patrons, pay tribute to emerging artists and youth.

Your work must be original (no reproductions). It can be any medium, from oil to photography to sculpture. If you make something original pitch it to us and we will consider it.

Your work must be for sale with 30% of proceeds coming back to the hall. This offsets the costs of all administration that goes behind each art show, it also helps to support our El Sistema Aeolian children’s music program and is a great source of income for the program. Sales will be by cash, cheque, debit or credit card. All sales cheques will be made payable to the Aeolian. A final payout will be made by cheque to the artist. It is your responsibility to pay any government taxes on your profits. Artwork sold can be taken home right away, which means the artist should have art ready to replace as the show progresses.


The Aeolian does not have insurance coverage for your work while it is in our space. The Aeolian is not responsible for any damaged, lost or stolen artwork.

Acceptance/ confirmation:

Successful artists will be contacted by phone or e-mail.


Artists must be prepared to assist in the installation of their work, and to attend the show opening. The artist can also choose to attend an Aeolian show or two to talk about, and promote their art.

You will be included in all Aeolian Hall art show promotions. Please make sure you read all information sent from the Aeolian and adhere to the deadlines we indicate. 

Jury Process and Members:

All applications will be reviewed by a selection committee made up of art professionals, local art enthusiasts and a youth delegate. A list of the jury members is available on the Aeolian website. All jurors are individuals recognized for the knowledge, skill, and expertise they bring to their fields. The Aeolian Hall Performing Arts Directors are responsible for their selection.

Members of the jury are expected to be objective and impartial. This includes avoiding the following conflicts of interest:

•The juror has a financial interest in the success or failure of the organization or project;

•The juror has an interest because an applicant is a spouse, partner or a member of his/her immediate family;

•The juror has a personal interest in specific nominations other than those normally expected of an interested member of the arts community;

•Impediments exist that impede the juror’s ability to evaluate the nomination objectively.

If you’re applying and one of the above applies to you, please indicate on your form under “comments” and we will make accommodations (for example, if a family member is on the Jury they will not judge your application).


Personal information submitted by the applicants and discussions pertaining to the applicants’ submissions are held in strict confidentiality.

Statement of Intent from Jurors:

We are proud and honored to serve as jurors on the selection of the 2016/17 Art Show at Aeolian Hall. We have benefited greatly from the opportunity to view and spend time with all the submitted works. The depth of talent has inspired us, as does the vast range of themes represented in the submissions, from natural beauty and the influence of urban settings to human connections and non-representational work.

We understand the effort required to make artwork of merit, as well as the mixture of enthusiasm and self-doubt involved in submitting work to be evaluated.   We sincerely thank all the artists who submit their pieces for the art show. You make your communities stronger and more vibrant through the making of your artwork, and we urge you to continue to create and refine your visual language.

We thank you for your interest in sharing your passion for your art with us and if your art pieces are selected, we hope that your experience with your exhibit at Aeolian Hall will be a unique and rewarding experience.  best exemplified by all the artist’s influences, skill and passion in a way that is unique and could only be created by that individual during this time in our collective history.


Submission of your application indicates that you have read and agreed to all the stated information. Please contact us if you have any questions or need clarification of these details. Email your submissions to admin [at] aeolianhall [dot] ca with the subject "Aeolian Art Show"



Full Name:


Phone Number:


Media: painting/drawing, photography, sculpture, other (please specify)


What type of space do you require? Wall, Floor, Combination

Give a brief description of your work:

Provide three (3) images of different pieces of work:
(please try to show at least one picture of back of a piece so we can examine quality of wiring/hanger, frame, etc.)

How many pieces could you have ready for a show? (minimum number and maximum, this helps us decide if you could show alone or in a group):

Do you currently work with a gallery, if so which one:

When/where was your last art show:

What is your works price point? (give a range):




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