Art Shows at Aeolian

Such a work of art

The Aeolian hosts regular Art Shows featuring works of local artists. The artwork is displayed in the main hall and lobbies on walls and remains there for the duration of the show. The average show is staged for a minimum of six weeks and is seen by Aeolian Clients during shows and during special gallery viewing hours. All art shows have opening nights giving an opportunity to meet and socialize with the artists. These opening nights are free to attend.

Quick Facts:

  • Dozens of London Based Artists featured
  • The Aeolian brings 70,000 plus clients into the hall annually giving artists a larger viewing than most galleries
  • Sales are approximately 30% of exhibited works
  • Aeolian takes a 30% commission on all sales which helps with its mission
  • A great way to engage our clients and make a richer experience during their visit
  • A wonderful way to support local artists
  • Collaboration with other organizations such as University Hospital to jointly raise funds with art


Aeolian Hall Administrative Coordinator and Art Show Jurist Janice Mark enjoying “The London Nine” art show which was on display until July 2017. The Fall Art Show, featuring Vanessa Zita Vanderidder, Kristina Simpson, Sebouh Koulan and Ani Sarian opened on Wednesday, September 6 at Aeolian Hall. Music: F.J.Haydn (1732-1809) Capriccio performed by Artistic Director Clark Bryan, from the third volume of Jewel Box (1999). Video: Jason Plant, MC Spirit Studios.

Want to have a show around your art?

If you are interested in participating in an Aeolian Arts Show, please fill out the application below and return it in person, by mail or email.

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Thank you for the Magical night! I am spoiled beyond belief for any other performance space.
June Garber – Musician

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While particularly renowned for its acoustic/live music presentations, the Aeolian is a versatile facility and can host all sorts of events from weddings and parties to conferences and fundraisers.

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The Aeolian relies heavily upon a strong base of community support that benefits many projects and events. All contributions, whether small or large, make a huge difference and will help sustain The Aeolian Musical Arts Association’s mission and future.