Protocol and Procedure for Hall Use

The person/organization renting the Hall (the “Licensee”) must make arrangements with the Aeolian Hall staff prior to arrival. Please note that use of the hall facility is for the contracted time period only.  If you arrive early, you will not be allowed into the facility until this time.  Please exit the venue with all of your belongings at the contracted time.  If you stay longer, you will be charged for this extra time.

There are two entrances on Rectory Street (Stage and Conservatory) and two on Dundas Street (Box Office and Main Hall). Backstage access to the Green Room is through the Stage Door, while access to the elevator is through the Main Hall door.


 During regular office hours (Monday – Friday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm) enter the Box Office door on Dundas Street. Outside of these hours, ring the doorbell at the Conservatory Door on Rectory Street.  

Contact Phone Numbers
Aeolian Office519-672-7950
Clark Bryan519-675-1357 or 226-919-8099
Bryan Gloyd519-851-6367

Depending upon the nature of your event The Aeolian may be able to provide some volunteers to help during your event.  The Aeolian provides bar staff and security for liquor services at all times.  Be prepared to provide the following personnel:


  1. Please ensure that your event coordinator posts personnel at the Main Hall door, Stage door, Balcony level and in the Main Lobby areas during your event until the doors are locked.   
  2. The Licensee is responsible for the security of hall equipment during the event and will reimburse the Aeolian for any theft or damage of equipment.
  3. The Licensee is responsible to pay for any damage to the hall by patrons at the Licensee’s events.  Please ensure that adequate staff and supervision are present during your event.
  4. Any equipment brought on site by the Licensee must be removed at the end of the event.
  5. Hall must be vacatated by 1am


  1. Pianos are NOT to be moved without the supervision of the Management/Staff.  
  2. No beverages or other materials are to be placed on or in the pianos.
  3. Any damage to the pianos by the Licensee must be compensated by the Licensee to the owner.
  4. Nothing is to be placed in the general vicinity of the piano.


  1. Nothing can be taped or mounted on the walls, windows or doors in the hall, in the lobbies, outside the building, or in the stairways leading to the hall.
  2. Any damage to the hall, stage, lobbies, doors or entrance halls caused by moving equipment or by the licensee (including the licensee’s clients) must be compensated by the Licensee to the Aeolian.


  1. Please do NOT adjust or turn on/off any lights without the supervision and permission of the Management/Staff.
  2. No adjustments to special stage lighting may be made by the Licensee.


Please do NOT adjust the thermostats for the heating/cooling systems in the hall.  Contact the Management/Staff when adjustments need to be made.


The Aeolian Performing Arts Centre is rented by the Licensee for precise time periods.  Please ensure that you observe these times, otherwise additional charges will be made.


Be sure to familiarize yourself with Fire Procedure and the locations of First Aid  Kits in the Hall.  All of your volunteers should also be briefed with these procedures.


  1. Please do NOT move any hall equipment including chairs and tables without permission from the Management/Staff.
  2. Please do NOT touch any equipment stored under the stage, in the Green Room, in the Kitchen or on the balcony.</p

Alcohol and Bar:

All alcohol brought into the building must be purchased by The Aeolian through our liquor license, no outside beverages are permitted.  The Aeolian Bar is oporated by Aeolian's Smart Serve volunteers. Last call  is at 11:30 PM, the bar closes at 12AM, unless other arrangements have been made with The Aeolian staff prior to the event. 

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