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Friday October 02, 2020
7:30 pm  
$20 Advanced   

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Aeolian Phoenix Sessions Present: Aaron Allen (Premiere)


An Online Streaming Experience
An Online Streaming Experience
Interview at 7:30 p.m.
Concert at 8:00 p.m.

The Aeolian takes the virtual stage with the launch of our brand new “Phoenix Sessions.” Each month we bring premier artists to you virtually in the comfort of your own home. A one month subscription and access to at least four performances is available for $20.

With a subscription, you gain access to all of our shows when they premiere, or on demand for a limited time.
Subscribers will also be entered into a draw to win signed artist posters. Subscribers are invited to submit questions for our pre-concert interviews!



Country singer-songwriter and tattoo artist Aaron Allen is back on the Aeolian Stage performing his favourites as well as cuts from his emotionally charged EP; Highway Mile released in April 2020.. Remaining true to his signature sound that fans have come to love, Allen brings his raw and honest song writing to the album, while marking Allen’s 10th studio release.

“I wanted to make something that stood up over time,” said Allen on the new EP. “Highway Mile is really about the stories from my real-life experiences – I just tried to be transparent with the hope that maybe my story would connect with others. I hope we’ve done that with this new record.”

Quickly becoming Allen’s fastest-growing single, the new releases’ title track — “Highway Mile” — was added to 7 playlists on Apple Music out of the gate, gaining almost 200,000 streams in its first month.  Set to surpass the previously released “Where Music Comes From,” “Highway Mile” demonstrates Allen’s dedication to creating deeply personal stories through music.

Aaron’s story will sound familiar to many.  Faced with some serious personal challenges as he entered his teenage years, country music became his lifeline and songwriting the outlet for his pain and frustration.  Allen made a promise to himself that he would make country music his career, even though – thanks to his wife – tattooing eventually helped pay the bills. “All I had was my voice and a guitar so country music was really the only way to go for me,” Allen says.  “I’ve always loved how simple and direct great country songs are.  They go straight to the heart and that’s what I’ve always tried to achieve with songs I write. I feel like my favourite artists are speaking specifically to me and I hope people have that feeling when they hear my songs.” Keeping the momentum going Aaron released his new EP Highway Mile on April 3rd, 2020 produced by Jeff Dalziel.