Live at Aeolian Hall

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Sunday June 16, 2024
11:00 am   |  Doors Open @ 10:45 am

AJAMAF 2024 Workshop: Gamelan Session

Come join us for an experience you won’t forget.  The Aeolian houses a Gamelan!

Learn the basics of playing in a Gamelan ensemble.  You don’t need any musical experience to play!  Any age is welcome. We’ll be improvising music together and it’s really easy to get started.

What’s a Gamelan?  A unique set of instruments played together by a group of about twenty or so people.   Ours was made by hand in Indonesia.  Gongs, Kenongs, Bonangs, Kethuks, Kempyangs, Demungs, Sarons, Slenthem are names of some of the instruments that form the Gamelan Orchestra.

The Gamelan is magical.  So many artists have played the Aeolian’s Gamelan and left transformed.  Names like Chick Corea have spent hours after concerts at The Aeolian in the Gamelan room, fascinated by the entrancing sounds.