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Friday September 09, 2022
7:30 pm  
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ONLINE: Aeolian Phoenix Sessions Summer Retrospective Series

Welcome to the Aeolian Phoenix Sessions… LIVE AND IN-PERSON.

The Phoenix Session Summer Retrospective Series is eight weeks of live entertainment presenting artist combos previously heard in the digitally offered Aeolian Phoenix Sessions:

For two years, the Aeolian Phoenix Sessions have provided patrons with a cross-section of the music going experience. From classical to jazz, rock to country, and bluegrass to folk, the Sessions aim to bring music back into your home and heart.

With over 200 musicians having participated, the sessions have been a safe and consistent experience during rather uncertain times.

Our goal was has always been the same: reignite live music and get artists on stage, technicians behind the soundboard and our patrons on their feet listening to extraordinary talent in extraordinary times.

Concerts will be recorded on the Dundas Garden Stage or in the Dave Southen Lounge depending on the weather and instrumentation and presented as part of the digital series.

Special Guest

Jordan Baldwin

Born and raised in the Forest City, music always played an integral part of Jordan’s upbringing. From violin lessons to youth choirs, Jordan was very fortunate to have a family that valued the arts as much as they did. Jordan pursued music at the University of Western Ontario in Vocal Performance and was heavily involved in early music ensembles and the opera department while attending. After school Jordan took a job with WestJet where he continues to be happily employed as a Cabin Crew Member. As a pandemic inspired project, Jordan began song writing in 2020 under the name Jordie B and has thoroughly enjoyed developing this new creative skill. In addition to his flying schedule and song writing, this fall Jordan looks forward to starting a new chapter, beginning his Masters in Historical Performance at the University of Toronto Faculty of Music, working as the alto section lead for St Thomas’s Anglican Church and joining the musical group THAT CHOIR for their 2022/2023 season. London, Ontario has been the foundation for Jordan’s musical journey thus far and he hopes to continue to foster and deepen musical connections within this incredibly rich and music filled city.\

Special Guest

Donald Waugh

I was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica.  I started playing the piano at the age of 7 with encouragement from my parents.  When I was 17 years old, I found my brother-in-law’s bass guitar and by the next morning I had taught myself the bass lines to a few songs. My passion for the bass guitar and for music in general grew from there.

When I started College, I became serious about my music career. I studied visual arts, Jazz theory and the bass guitar at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in Kingston, Jamaica.  During my studies my main influences were the various bands I performed in; the Javier Latin Jazz Band, the Jill Gibson Trio and the Kathy Brown Band, which allowed me to tour all around Jamaica.

During my final year of college, I started my own band called Airplai®. For the next four years my sole focus was on Airplai® Band, which was my first independent endeavor. I was then approached by GeeJam Studios to audition for their band, the Jolly Boys.  This was not a simple task as I needed to learn to play the banjo.  I arrived early for the audition and in three hours I taught myself how to play the banjo with the help of Mr. Google. For the next year I toured with the Jolly Boys around Europe, the Caribbean and the Middle East. During my time with the Jolly Boys, I collaborated on an album project called Quantum Reggae with song writer, Jim Belleau, and musician/singer/song writer, Maroghini.

I am also the owner and founder of Airplai® Productions, where we do album production, song writing, composing/arranging, video editing, film scoring, and jingles. Also, over a decade ago, I created the Perfect10course, which continues to offer online music lessons for bass guitar, guitar, drums, and piano. In 2013, I was discovered online by an agent, which led me to my current venture as a Solo Bassist/Guitarist onboard cruise ships.

In 2014, I released my first solo album, Just Passing Through, under the label Airplai®️ Productions. This project was ten years in the making. My second album, Feel Brand New, was released at the end of 2016. My most recent album, Early Days, was released in the summer of 2018. I’m very excited to announce that my fourth album is currently in the works and will be out very soon! All my albums are available on iTunes, GooglePlay and Amazon right now to download.

Special Guest

Paul St. Laurent

Special Guest

Hirad T

Hi everyone, my name is Hirad T and I am from London Ontario. Music is something that has stayed with me for almost my entire life. First, I started learning the piano when I was 4 and later learned other musical instruments such as: Clarinet, Alto sax, guitar, and now drums. I look at music as a gift that allows one to not only share their point of view but also express how they feel towards certain topics. I would say my two most influential artists are Elton John and David Bowie. Finally, as a 19 year old, my one goal in life is to be able to share my music with the entire world and win a Grammy!!!