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Wednesday March 24, 2021 -
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Aeolian Phoenix Sessions - March

The Aeolian Phoenix Sessions take centre stage… in the comfort of your own home. Each month we premier at least four artists’ recordings from the Aeolian stage. Membership to the Phoenix Sessions is $20 per month (recurring) and you select the productions you want to watch.

Aeolian’s Phoenix Sessions are proud to produce four outstanding performances in March. For just $20 you have access to all four digitally streamed productions anytime, anywhere. One new show will be released every Friday including: Marty Kolls, Andrew Collins, Luke McMaster, and Fraser Teeple. Subscribe once, enjoy live music all month long!

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It has been 25 years since Ashley MacIsaac released his debut album “Hi. How Are You Today?  Featuring the hit single Sleepy Maggie featuring the Scottish Gaelic vocals of Mary Jane Lamond, the album was a double-platinum selling Canadian Record reaching Number 2 on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100.

MacIsaac has been a staple of the Canadian music scene ever since.

Performing with Natalie MacMaster, the Chieftain and the White Stripes as well as collaborating with the likes of composer Philip Glass, MacIsaac is a mainstay of the Canadian music stage and has toured Canada and the United States from coast to coast, including an extraordinary performance as part of the 2010 opening ceremonies of the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

MacIsaac plays a right-handed fiddle left-handed, most notably allowing it to remain strung right-handed, a highly unusual style of playing. MacIsaac however explained in a 2014 interview for the Celtic Colours Festival that during his first fiddle lesson with Stan Chapman when his father asked if he should change the strings around the other way, Stan said “Well, if you change the strings on your fiddle, you’ll never be able to play anyone else’s fiddle. So if he’s gonna learn that way, learn that way”. In the same interview, MacIsaac also elaborated that his unorthodox playing style allows the lower notes to remain on the lower side of the fiddle, and this allows him to go up to the higher notes; he said it “just makes sonic sense” to him to have the strings upside down

With 14 albums including 2016’s collaboration with Jay “Sticks” Andrews entitled FDLER, MacIsaac has the staying power, talent and tenacity to conquer the challenges of the music industry, keeping busy during the pandemic by staying connected to fans and performing virtually.

From a kitchen ceilidh to an opera house stage, MacIsaac exudes confidence and is the life of the musical party.