Live at Aeolian Hall

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Saturday November 23, 2019
8:00 pm   |  Doors Open @ 7:00 pm
$25 Advanced    $30 Doors   

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Emm Gryner is an acclaimed singer, songwriter, vocal coach and occasional CBC radio host. She has been nominated three times for a Juno Award, twice for Pop Album of The Year. Emm toured the world with David Bowie, and appears on the recordings “Bowie at The Beeb” and “Glastonbury 2000”. In 2013, Emm collaborated with astronaut Chris Hadfield on his version of “Space Oddity” recorded partially aboard the International Space Station. The Hadfield-Gryner version has received over 200 million views worldwide and is celebrated as the first music video recorded in outer space.


Quietly building his own scene for the last 10 years or so, Deni Gauthier has been delighting audiences all over Canada, the United States, and Europe. His beautiful voice and lush ambient guitar playing, layered with just the right amount of understated live looping create a sonic soundscape quite like his last two studio albums: Quiet Town and Passenger.

From a quiet whisper, sometimes with a firm nudge, Deni is able to somehow connect musically and lyrically with songs that wander along the path of the strangely beautiful things in life. Old love, broken relationships, people trying to find their way. Dark yet beautiful, simple yet entangling.

Deni can be heard all over CBC and independent radio and has charted throughout Canada and the States with several #1 positions to his name. If he is not working in his own studio he can be found on the road, sharing stories and songs to listening audiences sitting quietly and comfortably somewhere.

He has been nominated for many awards, including several prestigious Jack Richardson Music Awards in the Contemporary Singer/Songwriter category. He tours often, and has shared with the stage with the likes of Jason Collette, Ron James, Barney Bental, Linda McRae, Irish Mythen, Steve Forbert and so many others, Deni’s performance skills have been honed and refined to offer a unique live musical experience.

Deni lets us in through his songs, and we might even learn something about ourselves in the process. This music is the antithesis of cacophony; this is musical peace. Put the headphones on and listen to “Passenger” and see if you don’t agree. (Jamie Oppenheimer, Host, “Lyrical Workers”, Hunters Bay Radio) Oppenheimer’s headphone recommendation is a good one – have a few intimate listens all on your own. Then share with family and friends and maybe enjoy a little prideful boasting, “This fantastic talent lives right here in my community!” Relish Elgin Magazine

His musical quest for meaning and understanding are transformative and inclusive. As he quips self-effacingly in the description of one of his songs, Deni Gauthier is “the artist” forging meaning from a troubled and confusing world. I left last night’s concert a little more connected and at peace with myself than when I arrived.” – Jamie Oppenheimer. Hunters Bay Radio