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Monday May 13, 2019
7:00 pm   |  Doors Open @ 6:00 pm
FREE (No tickets required)   

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Aeolian Talks: Leading Change

Join us on Monday, May 13th 2019 for Aeolian Talks: Leading Change – The past, present & future of plasma donation by men who have sex with men, a community conversation about current and planned efforts to change donor eligibility criteria for men who have sex with men.

Most people know about blood donation and organ donation… but have you heard of plasma donation? Plasma donation is another important form of donation that is ‘in us to give’ that many Canadians depend on to treat conditions like bleeding and immune disorders, shock, and liver disease. Canada doesn’t collect enough plasma to meet the needs of Canadians and so we currently rely on purchasing plasma products from international companies that process plasma from donors in the US.

While we aren’t collecting enough plasma in Canada, at the same time some Canadians are limited from donating! In particular, men who have sex with men (MSM) have historically been limited from donating blood or plasma if they’re sexually active. Something needs to change. Eligibility criteria for MSM are slowly but surely becoming more inclusive, especially for blood plasma donation. There is now (finally) a conversation starting about providing some sexually active MSM an opportunity to donate if they want to. The donation clinic in London is the only dedicated plasma clinic in Ontario. Londoners are at the forefront in Ontario to advance this conversation as policy discussions are starting to shift. This Aeolian Talk is an opportunity to hear directly from experts in the field, ask questions, share feedback to shape upcoming research in London, and help move this conversation forward.

Hosted by the Source Plasma Study and presented in partnership with Canadian Blood Services and Pride London, the exciting evening will feature a series of speakers that explore plasma donation from multiple perspectives. Learn about plasma, hear stories from donors and recipients, gain insights on regulation in Canada and shifts towards more inclusive policies, discuss emerging research opportunities, and share your voice. The second half of the event will feature a panel discussion and Q&A session with the audience!

Ken Eastwood will emcee the evening.

With Special Guest Speakers:

Andrew Rosser – President at Pride London Festival
Justin Presseau – Scientist at Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Terrie Foster – Nurse Specialist at Canadian Blood Services
Don Lapierre – Manager of stakeholder relations at Canadian blood services
Chantalle Clarkin – Research Associate at Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Mindy Goldman – Medical Director at Canadian Blood Services

Doors open at 6:00pm and we encourage people to come early to network, share stories, connect with leaders in the field, and meet some of the speakers.

Official program will start at 7:00pm.  Free Event. No tickets required.