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Friday June 03, 2022
7:30 pm  
$20 for a One Month Subscription   

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Maggie's Wake

Born from the ashes of Rant Maggie Rant, Maggie’s Wake is an exciting collaboration between RMR co-founder Lindsay Schindler (fiddle, vocals) and Tara Dunphy (tin whistle, flute, fiddle, vocals), lead singer and songwriter of acclaimed country outfit, The Rizdales. They are joined by a powerhouse band of Ontario’s finest musicians, including Rob Larose on percussion, Andrew Kosty on bass and special guest Kyle Waymouth on guitar.

United in their passion for fiery tunes, soaring vocals with rich harmonies, meaningful stories and beautiful melodies, Lindsay and Tara are taking the foundation laid during the Rant Maggie Rant period and building an exciting, new sound. With influences ranging from classical to cajun, traditional celtic tunes and folk songs, latin rhythyms and jazz fusion, Maggie’s Wake is all about adventure.

Travel with us through time and sound as we carve our path through uncharted waters. We don’t know where it will lead us, but we are certain that we are all going to have a lot of fun on the way!


Aeolian Phoenix Sessions

Welcome to the Aeolian Phoenix Sessions

The Aeolian Phoenix Sessions take centre stage… in the comfort of your own home. Every month we premier at least four productions recorded at Aeolian’s studios or in the artist’s home.

The Aeolian Phoenix Sessions are intended to provide patrons with a cross-section of the music going experience. From classical to jazz, rock to country, and bluegrass to folk, the Sessions aim to bring music back into your home and heart.

Interested in one show only? Trust us: you’ll like what you see. Try the Phoenix Sessions all month and experience a few productions that you might never have seen in person.

Our goal was to reignite live music and get artists on stage, technicians behind the soundboard and our patrons on their feet listening to extraordinary talent in extraordinary times.

Terms and Conditions

Membership to the Phoenix Sessions is $20 per month (automatically recurring) and you select the productions you wish to enjoy.

Cancel anytime by contacting

We do not have a multi-viewer pass. If you plan to safely watch with friends or family, please consider donating to further offset the costs associatedwith these productions.

Tickets to individual productions are not available.

Upon registration and after monthly validation, you will receive a confirmation email including a link that youx will use each time you wish to view aperformance. Save that link… But we are always here to help. Contact us at if you lose your pass.

Shows will be available on the date and time specified on Aeolian’s website.

Payment is final. No refunds will be offered.