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Wednesday October 18, 2023
5:00 pm  
Donations Accepted Southen Lounge/D&S Lounge   

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Aeolian Pride Socials

From Compton Cafeteria to The Stonewall Inn, for decades the LGBTQ2+ community has depended on safe spaces to socialize and to mobilize. Our spaces have been as much as part of the civil rights movement for equality and acceptance as our icons.

Did you know that London was home to the first LGBTQ2+ owned & operated non-profit in Canada? The Homophile Association of London, Ontario (HALO) served as a source of community for LGBTQ2+ people in London from 1970–2001. HALO began at Western University in 1970, inspired by the 1969 Stonewall riots. The impact of HALO lives on with lasting intra-generational effects on younger LGBTQ people who didn’t get to experience the space but benefited from the community it built that remains in London today.

In the spirit of equality, community development, and advocacy, the Aeolian Hall is proud to present a weekly LGBTQ2 community hub. Each week, members of the community as well as friends and allies will have a place to gather, connect, and socialize in a safe space. Dave Southen Lounge & bar will open every Wednesday at 5 p.m. for a social-networking hour, followed by music and entertainment opportunities. Part of a social group that requires meeting space, you’re welcome to casually use our studio. Whether it be piano-side karaoke, LGBTQ2+ themed repertory entertainment from film or television, boardgames or guest speakers and community builders willing to share their time and experience with others, these special nights are intended to cultivate friendships, generate ideas, and promote acceptance in a positive, pride-friendly environment.

Come early. Stay late. Be part of the conversation.

Admission is free but donations to support the Aeolian and our LGBTQ2+ programming are always accepted.