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Friday May 31, 2019
8:00 pm   |  Doors Open @ 7:00 pm
$30 Advanced    $35 Doors   

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On May 31st, 2019 Home County presents an evening celebrating Canadian icon Stan Rogers, at Aeolian Hall in London. Stan was one of Canada’s most celebrated and most prolific songwriters, and he tragically lost his life in an airplane fire in 1983 at the young age of 33.

Stan’s music endures to this day and is known around the world.  This Home County fund-raising concert will feature six performers singing some of Stan’s best-known songs and maybe a few you may not have heard before. The performers will include members of the Rogers family – his wife, Ariel and two of his children, Nathan and Beth. Also featured will be Stan’s record producer and guitar player, Paul Mills, well-known singer-songwriter, David Bradstreet and the wonderful Dayna Manning best know lately for her work with the group Trent Severn. Backing up the singers will be a remarkable band consisting of Stan’s former bass player, David Woodhead, keyboard and accordion player, Tom Leighton and fiddler Lindsay Schindler.

There will also be a silent auction to raise money in support of the Ken Palmer Bursary which is awarded to a graduating high school student pursuing music education at a post secondary level in Ontario.

This promises to be a wonderful evening so save the date and spread the word!

Special Guest

Ariel Rogers

Ariel was Stan Rogers’ wife and has overseen the legacy left behind in the wake of Stan’s tragic death in 1983. A musician in her own right, she has spent many years on stage and behind the wings in countless productions for community theatre in the Hamilton-Wentworth area. She has four very talented children who have also brought her much joy in the gift of four wonderful grand-daughters. Ariel is married to singer-songwriter Scott Cameron Smith.

Special Guest

Nathan Rogers

Those who love him speak in hushed tones concerning his dark past and shady present.  Those who don’t love him purchase effigies to burn on special occasions. Nathan owns the company that makes the effigies. He has something of his father’s voice and a heaping of his mother’s wit, or is it the other way around? Who is Nathan Rogers?  Who knows?  Who cares?  Presumably you, since you’re reading this.  Throat singing, wise-cracking, occasionally playing an instrument and singing.  It’s folk music with a fork in your eye. Find his records (True Stories, The Gauntlet) through the Borealis Records website links or by searching iTunes. People say they’re good, but he’s much more fun live than in the studio.

Special Guest

Beth Rogers

It’s easiest to simply state that Beth has been singing since she left the womb. Whether it be Jazz , Folk, Musical Theatre or Opera, she loves the artistic challenge of interpreting and performing many different artists and styles. Beth has always had a deep appreciation for the depth and scope of Stan’s music, and truly enjoys sharing his body of work with appreciative audiences. When not on stage performing, she is a proud mother of a daughter in College, and a very happy wife to Roger. Beth wishes to thank everyone for coming out, supporting a good cause, and keeping the folk music tradition alive and well. Cheers!

Special Guest

Dayna Manning

Juno nominated artist Dayna Manning exemplifies the very best that Canadian Folk music can be. Her cool clear voice along with her insightful songs represent a history of Canadian musical art that goes back to the early ’60s and sounds just as vital today.  A modern renaissance artist, Dayna recently produced Trent Severn’s third album “Portage”, designed the Stratford Festival’s best selling 60th anniversary t-shirt, and is currently producing her next solo album with the help of a small chamber orchestra. In 2016 Dayna founded the “Folk Army”, a private music instruction academy in Stratford Ontario. The Folk Army’s mission is to empower young girls to make a positive change in their communities through creativity, thoughtful performance and positive self-esteem.

Special Guest

Paul Mills

Paul was Stan’s record producer and a close friend.  He was also a guitar player on Stan’s albums appearing under the pseudonym of “Curly Boy Stubbs”. He has been a key figure in Canada’s folk music scene for almost 50 years. He produced the national CBC Radio folk music program, “Touch the Earth” with Sylvia Tyson in the late seventies. As a record producer he has produced over 200 albums with artists such as Stan, Sharon, Lois & Bram and Ron Hynes. He has also been an active performer and a leader in the folk community. He is currently the Board Chair for Home County and has served on several other Boards over the years. In recognition of his work, Paul was invested as a Member of the Order of Canada last year.

Special Guest

Dave Bradstreet

Dave is best known for his song ”Renaissance” – an iconic Canadian hit. He has been recognized for his work as a singer/songwriter, guitarist, composer and producer, with twenty-one albums bearing his name; Platinum and Gold selling records; a high profile Juno Award early in his career; three subsequent Juno nominations and music credits including a Gemini nomination; film and television soundtracks and scoring; talent discovery and record producer for numerous artists including: Jane Siberry, Colleen Peterson, Nancy Simmonds, Bill Hughes, Jason Fowler, Robert Priest – and Mira Meikle. He has toured extensively from Canada, US, Europe to Antarctica and is a veteran of many coffeehouses, concert halls and folk festivals.

Also With

Tom Leighton

Multi instrumentalist, and indefatigable, Tom Leighton brings sophisticated colours and novel arrangements to his music that few musicians can match – sometimes  playing three instruments at the same time!



Also With

David Woodhead

As well as working with Stan live & on his first two albums, David has performed with many influential artists from Perth County Conspiracy to Oliver Schroer. His current playful & ever-evolving Confabulation project features his challenging but melodic compositions & top-drawer players: newest release is “Tunnels & Visions.”


Also With

Lindsay Schindler

An Ontario-based fiddler, performer, teacher, founding member of RANT MAGGIE RANT and member of the critically acclaimed new-folk trio Trent Severn, Lindsay has established herself as an electrifying performer.