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Friday September 17, 2021
7:30 pm  
$20 for a One Month Subscription   

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Phoenix Sessions - September

Welcome to the Aeolian Phoenix Sessions

The Aeolian Phoenix Sessions take centre stage… in the comfort of your own home. Every month we premier at least four productions recorded at Aeolian’s studios or in the artist’s home.

The Aeolian Phoenix Sessions are intended to provide patrons with a cross-section of the music going experience. From classical to jazz, rock to country, and bluegrass to folk, the Sessions aim to bring music back into your home and heart.

Interested in one show only? Trust us: you’ll like what you see. Try the Phoenix Sessions all month and experience a few productions that you might never have seen in person.

Our goal was to reignite live music and get artists on stage, technicians behind the soundboard and our patrons on their feet listening to extraordinary talent in extraordinary times.

Terms and Conditions

Membership to the Phoenix Sessions is $20 per month (automatically recurring) and you select the productions you wish to enjoy.

Though membership renews automatically, patrons must validate their membership number every month to receive an access code for each new set of productions by email. This process is not automatic. Patrons will receive their first access code immediately upon registration. An access code is only good for one calendar month. Validation instructions are contained in the Membership tab on this page, in our weekly newsletter and in the monthly rollover announcement sent by the Aeolian Box Office.

We do not have a multi-viewer pass. If you plan to safely watch with friends or family, please consider donating to further offset the costs associated with these productions.

Tickets to individual productions are not available.

If you do not intend to subscribe for longer than one month, refunds will not be provided to patrons who forget to cancel their membership or who have not read the terms and conditions: membership renewal is automatic every 30 days. This information is noted on every ticketing page, on event pages and marketing, on event posters and in our weekly newsletter. It is important to read information carefully before joining so as to not misunderstand how membership works.

Upon registration and after monthly validation, you will receive a confirmation email including a link that you will use each time you wish to view a performance. Save that link… or follow instructions at to receive it again.

Shows will be available on the date and time specified on Aeolian’s website.


Payment is final. No refunds will be offered.


Songwriter's Circle

Recognizing the importance of live music, the Songwriter’s Circle pays tribute to the first anniversary of the Aeolian Phoenix Sessions with 4 very special guests – each of them performers of the Aeolian Stage over the last year.

Aaron Allen, Tony Dekker and Marty Kols return to the Hall for a intimate and retrospective tribute to live music and the Aeolian stage.

Special Guest

Aaron Allen

Tattoo artist and country singer-songwriter Aaron Allen is back with another emotionally-charged EP; Highway Mile is available everywhere today. Remaining true to his signature sound that fans have come to love, Allen brings his raw and honest songwriting to today’s debut. While the release marks Allen’s 10th studio release, Highway Mile was produced by  2018, 2019 CCMA and CMAO Producer of the Year Jeff Dalziel.

“I wanted to make something that stood up over time,” said Allen on the new EP. “Highway Mile is really about the stories from my real-life experiences —  I just tried to be transparent with the hope that maybe my story would connect with others. I hope we’ve done that with this new record.”

Quickly becoming Allen’s fastest-growing single, the new releases’ title track — “Highway Mile” — was added to 7 playlists on Apple Music out of the gate, gaining almost 200,000 streams in its first month.  Set to surpass the previously released “Where Music Comes From,” “Highway Mile” demonstrates Allen’s dedication to creating deeply personal stories through music.

“I didn’t really intend for this song to be recorded but when Dalziel heard it he said we had to,” said Allen when speaking of “Highway Mile.” “The song is meant as a reminder to slow down — to take time for my wife and myself. Life can be so darn busy, especially in this industry, so I need that reminder every day. “

In addition to its title track, the new EP will include three previously released singles and a handful of new tracks including “Can We Go Back,” “Superman” and “Mine All Mine.” Featuring many of the same players throughout, the record has a unique, cohesive feel that the listener can identify with from the first song to last.  The songs are mature, honest and relatable.  It’s easy to see that Allen is carving out his own path in the industry and taking the road less traveled with this new release.

Since his first release to radio in 2019 Allen has quickly become one of Canada’s most promising rising stars. With more than a million streams to his name, Allen’s style remains as true-to-life as ever but after years of forging a devoted fan base as an independent artist, the time has finally come to take the next step. Pushed by the support of Dalziel (Dan Davidson, The Washboard Union, Andrew Hyatt), Allen has created music that will definitely have the industry listening.

Special Guest

Tony Dekker

2018 marked the 15th anniversary of Great Lake Swimmers. Over seven albums, multiple EPs, live broadcasts and reissues, the Toronto-based project led by singer-songwriter Tony Dekker has established itself as a beloved indie folk act in Canada and beyond. The CBC has called them “a national treasure” with a sound that is at once familiar and distinct, using the tools of folk music as the starting point to delve deeper.

The latest release, “The Waves, The Wake” branches out to include new sounds such as harp, lute, pipe organ, woodwinds, congas and marimbas, alongside the more familiar flecks and chimes of the banjo, piano, and 12-string electric guitar. A scaled back, solo acoustic version was also released in 2019.

Great Lake Swimmers have been nominated twice for Juno Awards, have been shortlisted for the prestigious Polaris Prize, and won a Canadian Indie Award for Favourite Folk/Roots Artist/Group. They have shared the stage as support for such

musical luminaries as Robert Plant, Feist, Daniel Lanois, and Calexico, and have appeared as headliners at many of Canada’s major folk music festivals.

“A minimalist, atmospheric compendium of songs with a sonic environment the listener can easily get lost in.”

– The Vue

“Dekker has done a masterful job of finding that balance on The Waves, the Wake, which has enough connections to the past to satisfy long-time fans of Great Lake Swimmers even while the singer looks to the future and moves forward as an artist.”

– The Georgia Straight

“A cherished blend of folk and orchestral indie pop.”

– Exclaim

Special Guest

Marty Kolls

Singer-songwriter Marty Kolls brings the energy of her east coast upbringing, classical music training, and life-long experience on the stage to every one of her performances. She mesmerizes her audience with her voice, melody and presence, with songs that speak of living life from the heart. “Marty Kolls is a revelation,” says the London Free Press’ Arts Editor, James Reaney.

Marty released her first full length album entitled ‘This Life’ in 2014 to a standing room only audience at one of Canada’s top rated and intimate music venues, Aeolian Hall. This performance was an experience for all who attended and awaited for the arrival of this much anticipated album including her friend and producer Simon Larochette of Sugar Shack Studios.

The album sums up much of Marty‘s experience as an artist and lover of life, not without it’s disappointments and battles. The title track ‘This Life’, inspired by a Richard Linklater film ‘Waking Life’ urges us to live in the present before there is ‘nothing left to give’.  Like warning bells going off in your head, the bombast of the horns and punch of the drums reiterate the same message.

An artist who writes from experience Marty takes her audience to the many places she’s lived such as her beloved New Brunswick with it’s winding roads and formative memories.  She also speaks of her times living and working for years in Asia as a musician and teacher where her appreciation for privileged life was awakened.

Upon her return to Canada in 2006 Marty was thrown into the mix of musical talent in Toronto Ontario. Finding her way through the modern era of online overnight sensations, she nestled into the musical venues of the west end like the Cameron House and the Dakota Tavern carrying on the traditions of her live music upbringing. There she stumbled upon producer Jesse Capon and together they produced a two song CD through the FACTOR Music Demo Grant, now offering Marty something to share with the industry.

It wasn’t long before her stories would take a new turn upon discovering she was pregnant with her daughter, and shortly after made the move with her husband to his home town of London Ontario where they now live. Continuing to make music in a number of bands, including well known cover-grass band Kevin’s Bacon Train, Marty has found a home and community of strong musicians and friends. Now sharing the stage with acts like Sarah Harmer, Dan Mangan and Whitehorse, she continues to love and take pleasure in the good fortune that is ‘This Life’.