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Friday November 05, 2021
7:30 pm  
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Canadiana / Americana best describes the music of Canadian singer-songwriter, Barry James Payne.

Well worn by the rumble of the road, Canadian singer-songwriter Barry James Payne and his “North” Americana band, String Bone, bring his true life narratives close to the ear with tender arrangements and gruff sincerity. With a mix of folk, blues, country, rock, and other contemporary and traditional elements, his sound is both fluid and solid, thus true to its name.

His last record, ’Love & Highways’ (2016) drives through darkness, betrayal and remorse towards love, light, escape, and freedom on the road ahead, with Payne at the wheel. Born in London, Ontario, surrounded by tobacco and corn farms and some of the richest fields in the world, Payne had to get out of Dodge at an early age. Beginning at age 17, he hitchhiked and travelled West across Canada from his hometown a half dozen times to Canada’s West Coast – back and forth for about 4 years. Eventually he settled there and further travelled down the West Coast of the US as far as LA and to 15 other states, and has travelled or toured England, France, Spain, Greece, Holland & Germany.

Payne’s dedication to music sparked his 10-year running concert series ‘String Bone Presents!’ Producing over 100 shows, bringing the best of Canadian and US folk-roots to the stage at various venues in his hometown of Stratford, ON. Artists such as Danny Michel, Mary Gauthier, Fred Eaglesmith, Madison Violet, Luke Doucet, Eliza Gilkyson, Lynn Miles, and Romi Mayes among many others took the stage at this highly anticipated, annual performance series.

In 2018, Payne along with bluesman, Rick Taylor, co-produced a series of shows across Southern Ontario & Toronto as a tribute to Canadian Folk legend, Payne’s song-writing idol and Taylor’s long-time good friend, Willie P. Bennett. Guests included Russell deCarle, Tannis Slimmon, Linda McRae, Deni Gauthier, Paul Langille, Lynne Hanson, and many more.

His first full length CD ‘nadir’ was called as diverse as Lucinda Williams, Jay Farrar, Wilco, Dylan, Steve Earle, Nick Lowe, and Elvis Costello by reviewers. From that same record, String Bone’s song ‘Midnight Train’ was in regular rotation on ABC Country – The Australia Broadcasting Corporation’s national country station for several months. He cites Willie P. Bennett as a major influence along with Dylan, Young, Costello, and Cohen. Payne also performs and records with other musical projects including Celtic powerhouse ‘Rant Maggie Rant’ and with roots duo ‘Payne & Taylor,’ alongside Rick Taylor (Willie P. Bennett, Stan Rogers, Colleen Peterson).

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