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Sunday March 25, 2018
2:00 pm   |  Doors Open @ 1:15 pm
$25 Advanced   

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Eco Folk is an annual concert in benefit of the Thames Talbot Land Trust featuring performances of well-known, environmentally conscious, London and area musicians. Thames Talbot Land Trust is a Southwestern Ontario charitable organization that works to conserve land with natural, recreational, scenic, historical, or agricultural value for the benefit of future generations. Come, learn about the Land Trust and enjoy an afternoon of earth music.

Thames Talbot Land Trust and the Aeolian are pleased to have Anderson Craft Ales as a participant in Eco Folk 2018. Before the performance and during the intermission, there will be a free beer-sipping event at the Aeolian. We look forward to Anderson’s collaboration with TTLT at the third annual Eco Folk Enjoy!

Emm Gryner
One of Canada’s most prolific and respected musical artists Emm Gryner has forged a creative path of innovation and integrity. True to her vision and craft Emm has continually challenged herself and her audience with a wide range of projects from the hard rock of Trapper to the Canadian roots of Trent Severn – from songs in space with astronaut Chris Hadfield to support vocals on tour with David Bowie. A composer, performer, producer, actor, CBC radio host Emm is truly an artist of our time. Her latest album Only of Earth offers yet another dimension to a creative journey filled with ingenuity and inspiration.

Supernatural Buffalo
Born on the shores of Lake Erie, Supernatural Buffalo are an earthly and other worldly musical experience, consisting of lead guitarist/singer Chris MacGillivary, rhythm guitarist/vocalist Lee Seburn, and percussionist Curtis Doherty. Grounded like a majestic prairie beast, their music soars to ethereal heights of big sky dreaming and peaceful reflection. Having honed their psychedelic folk sound with performance across Canada they are set for a full album release in early 2018.

Christine Newland
Well known and loved principle cellist of Orchestra London since 1976 – Christine has travelled extensively working and studying with some of the finest musicians in her field. She is active performing, recording and composing classical, popular, roots and rock music, with many local and international acts. Christine is an accomplished visual artist whose work can be seen here at the Aeolian Hall. She also has a deep love for the natural world and shares a concern with the protection of species and ecological areas.

Brent Jones
A voice of soulful searching and insight, Brent Jones creates a cinematic musical world of thoughtful introspection. Through his solo albums, collaborations, and production work he explores music’s potential as a vehicle for meaning and possibility. Rural Southwestern Ontario is home to Jones’s Quiet Earth Studio and facility – and site of the Back To The Garden Music Festival happening this August 18th and 19th.

Psalm Trees
With keyboards bathed in melody tones – looping layers – pulsing bass and jazz-steady drumming – acoustic picking and strumming, Psalm Trees spring an oasis of spirit and sound. Psalm Trees began as a song writing and sound experimentation project between brothers Shawn and Derek Durant, and has since evolved into a full band experience with the additions of percussionist Issac Grant, multi-instrumentalist Joseph Flynn and Molly Roach. The group is currently working on their full-length album and performing live in the region with dates scheduled throughout 2018.

The Cedar Sisters
Blending organic textures with synthetic sonics The Cedar Sisters build a darkly beautiful electro-folk pop world – filled with sunny colours and nostalgic shading. The Cedar Sisters – Jane Carmichael and Elle Hermansen – released their first single, “Wait”, in May of 2017 and their most recent, “Forgive My Heart”, in November. Their songs are haunting and honest expressions of personal emotion and experience – full of magic and mystery. They are currently writing and recording material for their debut EP to be released later this year.

Black Heart Machine
Quiet and cool like January snow – sharp like the point of a knife – Black Heart Machine paints spacious landscapes of mood and contemplative observation. The creation of musicians Robert Thompson, Brent Jones and percussionist Fil Beorchia, Black Heart Machine offer a musical picture of mortality, politics and human relations, in the chaos of the age. Over two albums, Ruins of Our Greatness (2015) and, On Its Head (2017) Black Heart Machine have explored the boundaries of sonic restraint and visual imagery – framing a curious and comforting scene in recordings and live performances.