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Saturday July 14, 2018
8:00 pm   |  Doors Open @ 7:00 pm
$10 Advanced    $15 Doors   

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Why Drag?

Why Drag? – Join Miss Shaneen, London’s youngest drag queen, as she hosts an incredible night of drag performances at The Aeolian!

Learn about why some of the performers got into drag & why they love it so much! This will be a show you will not want to miss!


Special Guest

Miss Shaneen (host)

Miss Shaneen is London’s youngest performing Drag Queen at age 14! Her aim is to continue her drag journey as far as possible as she works to improve her performances, costume design and makeup . She is a talented pianist and cellist, and hopes to incorporate her musical abilities into her future performances .

Miss Shaneen enjoys raising money for charities by performing with her Haus sisters and is very thankful for the ongoing support of Lita Von Sleaze and Mz Affra-Tighty !


Special Guest

Bettie Rebel

Bettie Rebel is an up and coming drag performer hailing from London, Ontario. Bettie is a sharp, sophisticated queen who knows how to turn the party and serve on the stage!

She’s daring, intriguing and captivates audiences with her bold elaborate looks!

Special Guest

Lita Von Sleaze

Lita Von Sleaze is the drag mother of the Haus of Sleaze from London, ON, Canada. Her performances are high energy, full of tricks, and frequently carry an element of comedy. Lita is a live vocalist, trained dancer, and her stage antics will always leave you begging for more… or complaining to management. She currently holds the title of Ms. Pride Pageant London (two years running) and has helped to raise thousands of dollars for various local charities and youth organizations throughout London and the surrounding area. Lita has also spent time mentoring youth outreach groups and other young legends in the city who aspire to be working Drag Queens or become involved in the LGBTQ+ community. When she isn’t performing she can be found creating video content for her YouTube channel or attached to a sewing machine attempting to create outfits while muttering numerous curse words. Don’t miss her or you’ll be missing out!

Special Guest

Lucy Purr

Special Guest

Mz Affra-Tighty

Nicki Nastasia is one of London, Ontario’s premiere drag artists and performers whose shows are certainly not to be missed! She was thrilled to be named Pride London Ambassador in 2017 and makes regular appearances at local clubs, community events, and charity fundraisers.

Special Guest

Skarlett Vain