Friends of Aeolian – Meet Norma

Welcome to a regular feature called “Friends of Aeolian.”  Over the last 13 years since Clark Bryan became Artistic & Executive Director, our family has continued to grow. With every brush stroke painted, every patron seated, every drink served, every ticket sold guarantee a friend, a volunteer, a member of our Aeolian family has participated.

There are often no words available to say thank you. The impact of volunteers, the magnitude by which our family makes us a success is immeasurable.

We want to introduce you to the “friends of Aeolian,” those people that regularly give their time, talent and energy to make sure that every customer leaves happy and that every music student has an outstanding learning experience.

To our volunteers, our friends – our family – we profoundly offer our thanks.

Today we honour Norma Nevison. Norma has been a volunteer with Aeolian Hall for over 4 years.  Norma joined Aeolian for something to do, thinking it would be fun and exciting. As a volunteer, Norma’s favourite role is usher – assisting concert guests to find the perfect seat (Norma knows that there are no bad seats at Aeolian Hall).  Norma has experience a lot of shows at the Hall, her favourites were Motown (in August 2017) and anything produced by Sunfest. Norma loves the hall and admits, if she could have a magic wand, her wish would be to volunteer as often as possible.

Norma – we love you, too! Interested in being Aeolian’s next “friend?”  Contact matt@aeolianhall.ca.  Story by Matt Wannan, General Manager, Aeolian Hall. Photo by Jason Plant.