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Saturday October 16, 2021
2:00 pm   |  Doors Open @ 1:30 pm
Admission by Donation. Follow ticketing link to reserve seats and donate online.    

This event has passed

The Aeolian Phoenix Sessions have been recorded in an empty theatre for the last twelve months. Only our crew and the musicians have been able to enjoy the gift of music “live” and “in person.

Until now.

Join us on October 16 2021 at 2 p.m. for a LIVE RECORDING of the Rebelheart Collective on the Aeolian stage.

Doors will open at 1:30. The Aeolian Lobby Bar will be open. This is a great opportunity to see a recording as it happens – an experience unique to most Aeolian audiences. Please remember this is a live production and we ask that our audience stay as quiet as possible for the enjoyment of our at home subscribers.

Limited to just 50 participants.


The Program

Omar Daniel: Nine Estonian Runo Songs

Bela Bartok: Quartet No. 4, 4th movement

Caroline Shaw: Entr’Acte

Hawa Diabate: Funtukuru (Mali Clapping Song)

Erwin Schulhoff: Quartet No. 1, Mvt. 3 (Alla Slovacca)

The Rebelheart Collective

The Rebelheart Collective is a chamber music ensemble formed to celebrate classical and new music from varied cultural backgrounds. Its main focus is to make music performance and education accessible to all and support Social Justice causes through collaboration and awareness. With a focus on collaboration, community and apprenticeship opportunities, the Collective aims to dissolve barriers between artists and audiences with a relaxed presentation and welcoming spirit.

Aeolian Halls’ Rebelheart Collective is a self-conducted music ensemble rooted in democracy through music. With a focus on collaboration, apprenticeship and community engagement, the Rebelheart Collective transforms the traditional concert going experience by providing complimentary access to live performances in a socially relaxed setting. At its core, the musicians are highly trained professionals who have chosen to give back to the community, helping to train our next generations of musicians including participants of the ElSistema Aeolian program. The Collective’s repertoire includes classical music, contemporary works, and compositions and arrangements that speak to the Canadian music tradition: many of which celebrate our collectively local and First Nations history.

Respecting musical tradition, the Rebelheart Collective envisions a future with vibrant, innovative and accessible performance at Aeolian Hall and among those unique community spaces that can be uplifted through song. The Rebelheart Collective will be a catalyst for both artistic and social change. While supporting and enhancing both musical performance and education, the Collective will bravely stand up to tradition while ensuring that all welcome to the concert hall, wherever the performance shall be. The Rebelheart Collective is for all people and will be a symbol of and a pioneer in providing universal access to high quality music presentation and education. Like the Shakespearean audience, those with the least to give shall have the most to gain.