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Thursday July 04, 2019
6:00 pm  
FREE (No tickets required).    On display until January 2nd.    Viewings by appointment only.   

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SHADY Artists' Show Opening Reception

The SHADY Artists are four artists who met in the Gallery Painting Group, and share a love of plein air painting.

Sandi McCabe paints vivid scenes from the London area, and beyond using bold colours and dynamic brush strokes that depict her whimsical nature and daring vision as an artist.

Michele Haley brings a subtle approach to oil painting by effectively combining a variety of brush strokes, intricate textures and subtle hues that produce work that truly captures the artist’s emotion.

Janice Howell displays an uncanny ability to invent and exploit colour creating bold designs that add life and vibrancy to everyday scenes while cleverly incorporating architecture into many of her compositions.

Don Earle uses weird shapes and exaggerated angles to paint subjects not often considered worthy of an artist’s brush, which simply adds to the unique image.

The SHADY Artists – four artists who have come together knowing their efforts as group can only enhance the distinct character of their work.