Sarina Haggarty… Live on the Aeolian Box Office Stage

Recently we had the amazing pleasure of hearing the sweet, sweet sounds of Sarina Haggarty (with special guest Connor Morand) on the Aeolian’s Windows on Dundas Box Office Stage.  For someone who has been making music for as long as she can remember, her performances are absolutely memorable. In less than 2 years, Sarina has released two EPs – Missing Pieces (November 2016) & Compass (January 2018). Proceeds from Missing Pieces – EP have been donated brain research. Selling out some of the most amazing venues in London, Sarina plans to keep writing and release more music in the near future.



Sarina will always be grateful for the local and worldwide support that is given and shown. Shortly after her performance on the Box Office stage, Sarina opened for Matthew Barber on the Aeolian main stage, opening for him on the London leg of his Canadian tour. 

We had the opportunity to chat about life, music and the future.

AH: When and how did you know that music was going to be your career?

SH: I grew up singing and performing and then released 2 EP’s 2016 and 2018 selling out large venues in London. I knew it was something I wanted to continue to do.
AH: Who are your music idols?

SH: Some of my music idols include Ed Sheeran, Adele, Stevie Nicks and The Beatles.
AH: You’re in the car flipping radio stations… a song comes on and without missing a beat you sign your heart out…. What song is it?

SH: Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus

AH: You know about El Sistema Aeolian. Why is music education important for children and youth? What more can we do to ensure access?

SH: It is a mission to keep music in the minds of youth and all other ages. Music sets a great atmosphere and creates memories. All we can do is continue it and make sure it continues to impact the future for this generation.

AH: What advice do you have for younger musicians who want to cultivate a loyal fanbase? How do you keep it real?

SH: My advice would be to be yourself and learn from the good and the bad experiences. Work hard and don’t think about giving up. Remember your fans and support will always be there for you.

AH: What is the biggest life lesson learned through a career in music?

SH: To not have limits. Fake it till you make it.

AH: You are not afraid to speak out for and record on topics that are meaningful. What gives your life meaning?

SH: My family, my friends, good health and travelling are some things that make life very meaningful to me.

AH: I’ve got a golden ticket to perform in any city or concert hall in the world. Where does Sarina Haggarty cash it in… and why?

SH: I would cash that golden ticket to be able to perform in London, UK at Wembley stadium with a capacity of 90,000 people… because that is on my bucket list.

AH: The music business can be surreal. What is your most memorable stage moment?

SH: Sharing the stage with Shawn Mendes and getting to sing an original song in a big stadium, making an incredible memory which I will have in my heart forever.

AH: Secret to life?

SH: Start by doing what’s necessary… then do what’s possible… and suddenly you are doing the impossible. Just wake up and live every day.