The McCartney Year: Matt Hache – Bio

Matt Haché as Jimmy McCullough (Backing vocals, guitar, percussion)

Matt has had music in his life from the young age of 5, when he started piano lessons for the first time. Growing bored of the instrument, he eventually became enamoured with the electric guitar around age 11, forgetting about his days as a young pianist. He was nearly obsessed with the guitar, taking lessons and practicing every day – sometimes up to 6 hours through his teen years. Eventually, Matt made the decision to take the instrument seriously, spending his post-secondary years at Western University’s Popular Music Studies program. While at Western, he played in as many bands and acts as he could think of. He had his hand in many pots, from playing in the pit for musicals such as Rent and Spring Awakening, to opening for Canadian rockers “Monster Truck.” Matt has played many different styles at some point in his life – from Motown to Heavy Metal, from Jazz to Punk. After Western University, Matt went on to study audio production at The Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology. Today, Matt uses his audio production knowledge and guitar prowess to not only play Jimmy’s parts, but make them sound like the real thing. In addition, Matt freelances as a producer, recording engineer, and session musician, and plays in a Pop Punk tribute act called “Dropouts.”