The McCartney Years, Jennifer Pool – Bio

Jennifer Pool as Linda McCartney (Backing vocals, keyboards, percussion)

Jennifer Pool, off-stage and on-stage wife to lead singer, Yuri Pool, was born and raised on a horse farm in Michigan, where she helped train and ride competitive show-jumping and dressage horses. The family farm currently serves as a rescue haven for abandoned and abused animals, including a zebra! Jennifer holds a Bachelor’s Degree in biological sciences from Cornell University, and she completed a PhD in public health from Walden University while she acted and modeled in California. She is the author of two children’s books, both of which benefit a slum school she works with in Nairobi, Kenya. Jennifer met Yuri and his sweet 8 year old son, Julian, in Canada in the spring of 2015, and the three of them were married the following year in an intimate ceremony in the mountains of Montana. Leaning heavily on her theatrical background and the musical guidance of the entire band, Jennifer joined The McCartney Years as Linda in the Spring of 2017. Yuri and Jennifer have a dog named “Mac” who was born on Paul McCartney’s birthday, Jennifer shares her birthday with Linda McCartney, and Jennifer and Yuri welcomed a baby girl on August 27, 2017, just a few hours shy of Mary McCartney’s birthday. Some people call that “next-level” commitment!