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So long Summer. Hello…Oktoberfest and Germany!!

July 2019

We start our fall jazz season Sunday with a step into early German cabaret! Remember the movie Cabaret and Joel Gray as the MC?  That era, between the end of the 1st World War and the rise of the Third […]

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May is Great-Artists-Revisited Month!!

May 2018

Well welcome to instant spring!  After what seemed like the never-ending winter, nature firmly and finally  turned the page. The flora and fauna are responding!   And there is now a spring in our step that speaks of warm summer days […]

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Let’s Talk About Fred…

April 2018

World-class jazz musician/composer and 12 time Grammy nominee Fred Hersch plays the Aeolian on March 29th – a solo performance from (in my opinion) one of the top 5 jazz performers in the world. This man has an amazing life-story.  […]

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So what exactly IS Jazz anyway?? Thoughts on compartmentalizing music…

March 2018

I always smile (well, kind of) when I hear people chopping music up… You know…   “Well, I don’t like jazz (or classical or country or…)  I only like _______“.  It’s as though there is a start and stop to […]

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The View From Here – February Jazz and an Interview with Peter Karle

March 2018

Three great shows coming to the Aeolian this month.. AND we get to talk with Peter Karle about his Kinda Kinda Blue event  on the 23rd.  So let’s get to Peter first… On February 23rd the Aeolian presents the Peter […]

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The View From Here – Jazz in February/March. We’re off and running!

February 2018

As we work through these longer, darker months of winter, being together to experience great entertainment gets us away from the cold.  February is our jazz kick-off month at the Aeolian.  Here’s what’s coming up. First, February means Valentine’s Day […]

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The View From Here – Bryan’s notes at Christmas

January 2018

There’s nothing like stopping at a light on the way to the Mall to spend $600.00 to upgrade my Iphone and seeing a homeless man with a paper cup to make me think about what exactly we seem to value […]

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