Co-op/Internship Opportunities

The Aeolian offers unique learning opportunities in a very stimulating environment.  Two important facets of our Mission are:

• to give back to the community
• to provide arts educational opportunities

We have had co-op students from various high schools interested in learning about the music industry with goals of gaining valuable experience within our workplace co-ops.

Interns from Western’s MIT program and the Music Administrative Studies Program have been placed steadily at the Aeolian for a number of years.  Students from Fanshawe programs have also had successful placements.  The Ontario Institute of Recording Technology has provided many interns to assist our House Sound Technician, Chris Babin, who teaches Live Sound at OIART.

If you are interested in pursuing a placement at The Aeolian, please contact us at:  info [at] aeolianhall [dot] ca

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