Clark Bryan, Executive Director

Clark Bryan has had an extensive career as a performing musician, music editor, adjudicator, recording artist, workshop clinician and teacher. Since his journey with the Hall began in 2004, he has been baptized into the music industry, municipal politics, community development and business practices. He was a member of the Creative Cities Task Force at City Hall and is currently a Board Member of the Old East Village Business improvement Area. In the celebration of London’s 150th Birthday, Clark was recognized as the 103rd defining moment in London’s history by the London Free Press. On New Years Day of 2005, Clark was recognized as the Musical Personality of the Year.

Bryan Gloyd, Co-Manager

Bryan Gloyd has a vast array of skills which he brings to the Aeolian. His musical career has many facets including a church musician, recording artist and Jazz pianist. Bryan is the artistic director of the Aeolian Jazz Series and performs regularly in London and region. Bryan’s background in the business world includes marketing and sales for a world-wide animal nutrition company. His skills with modern day business practices are put to great use at the Aeolian. Bryan looks after many of the “systems” at Aeolian; manages the bar and food services and is highly involved in volunteer co-ordination at the Hall.

Michael Del Vecchio, Production/Marketing Coordinator

Please email production [at] aeolianhall [dot] ca to contact Michael.

Melissa Tipson-Mohr,  Administrative Coordinator

 Please email admin [at] aeolianhall [dot] ca  to contact Melissa.

Christoph Babin, Sound & Lighting Technician

Anita Farrow, Accountant

Minerva Figueroa, Assistant Executive Director/ El Sistema Aeolian Program Coordinator

Please email elsistema [at] aeolianhall [dot] ca to contact Minerva.

John Wiebe, El Sistema Aeolian Assistant Coordinator 

Please email elsistema [at] aeolianhall [dot] ca to contact Minerva.

Monica Ha, Social Media & Graphics Assistant

Mike Wittich, Custodian 

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