Mission, Vision, Core Values

Mission Statement
The Aeolian believes that the arts can enlighten, inspire, and transform, and  is, therefore, committed to building a better community through involvement in the arts. Our Heritage building, nationally recognized for its acoustics, is a multi-disciplinary arts centre and school for the arts where the synergy between teaching and performance is fostered and allowed to flourish.  At The Aeolian, we provide the highest quality of innovative, accessible, and diverse offerings in performance, education, and volunteerism.

Vision Statement

We see a future of changing values where the Aeolian plays a key role in helping people connect to their creative abilities and encouraging society to place art, culture and lifestyle at the top of their priorities. The Aeolian will be a leader in this change, and its model will provide a blueprint for others to follow. Expanded arts programming and arts education opportunities will be in place, and we will build bridges with like-minded partners to extend Aeolian values.

The Aeolian Core Values

Transformation:  We believe that participation in the arts ought to be a transforming experience.  Therefore, we commit to:

  • Offering  a wide variety of innovative performers-from young aspirants  to world-renowned artists-to inspire our audiences
  • Supporting the innovative  social as well as musical ideas of our resident teachers
  • Providing  meaningful  experiences in a welcoming arts venue  to our volunteers and interns

Diversity:  We believe that the power of creativity embraces  all ethnic, linguistic, and socio-economic groups, and that bringing together different groups in our region will  make a positive change in our community.  Therefore, we commit to:

  • Reflecting diversity in our performance programming
  • Reflecting  diversity in our staff, volunteers, and board
  • Creating a sense of inclusion among audiences, staff, volunteers and board
  • For information on The Aeolian Accessibility Standards for Customer Service Policy please click here

Collaboration:  We believe in working with other arts agents, systems, and teaching institutions to broaden and enhance our ability to serve the London community.  Therefore, we commit to:

  • Involving others when we develop new projects and actively seeking their involvement
  • Continually seeking input from our audiences, students, and volunteers  about improving the cultural experiences  available at our venue

Advocacy:  We believe in working together and supporting other social justice-centered, volunteer-energized, and ethically based organizations. Therefore, we commit to:

  • Originating meetings and workshops that examine, confirm and promote  the role  that arts and culture play in a functional, vibrant  community
  • Working energetically with all school boards and groups that give our community members opportunities  to grow through the arts
  • Innovating educational programs  to give community members, young and old, a sense of purpose and confidence through the arts

Heritage:  We believe that a heritage building and a community history are positive, energizing forces   and that these forces need to be recognized and celebrated in the life of the individual and the community.  Therefore, we commit to:

  • Informing audiences, students, volunteers, and the larger  community about our building’s history in this Canadian community 
  • Fostering pride in the immediate community and the surrounding region  in the effort to preserve and enliven  this historical structure
  • Creating feelings of welcome, ownership, and creative possibility in all who enter its doors.

Support:  We believe that strong support of organizations with a vision akin to our own will make us all more effective.  Therefore, we commit to:

  • Offering community groups interested in social justice a venue for their informative, promotional, or fund-raising work
  • Welcoming performers, volunteers and interns whose personal and professional needs can be met by focusing and building on their strengths in a nurturing, understanding,  yet accountable environment
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